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Oscar of hall of Guangzhou Western-style food is commented on greatly
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Greeted again a few days ago annual – of – of filmdom grand occasion the 80th Oscar prize-giving ceremony, big shop sign stars people attend in succession, congratulatory Oscar 80 years old of birthday. Spend birthday little not cate, small make up have cate big recruit, each optimal Oscar in choosing Guangzhou Western-style food award.

Optimal hero: Shed float cabinet

Sit firmly jointly with the buffet of garden cafe the buffet throne with Guangzhou best urban district. The environment is admirable, the Bai Etan that general view does not have involuntary discharge of urine is outside the window, crepuscular when the sunset that can see Guangzhou is the most beautiful, after all going up, colorfully decorated lantern has beautiful night scene, lights brights. There still is cate under beautiful scenery, ox of flavour aroma mouth gathers up, big fat unripe oyster, delicate on the west cake... if important fete wants to celebrate, can consider to issue here.

Recommend course: Body of 3 article fish bone gives birth to French snail elephant of shellfish of arctic of sauce of oyster goose liver unplugs mussel

Consumption: Average per capita 280 yuan

Address: The street austral sanded area of Li bay area guesthouse of a white swan 1 building

Optimal heroine: River of accept of a place of strategic importance

The French dish of tunnel of – of – of perfect brownstone experience, sell delicate, mouthfeel is top-ranking. Well-trained attendant is not worn trace ground is serving, feeling letting a person is attentive and considerate. The environment is quiet and tastefully laid out and chic, sofa, tableware is taking thick French amorous feelings. Sit outdoors is blowing gentle breeze, look at inapproachable Jiang Jing, it is relaxed and happy making a person more " . Although the price is expensive, but very other people is worth somewhat.

Recommend course: Goose liver Zhi person ox of cake France snail gathers up soup of dawdle avoid cheap

Consumption: Average per capita 190 yuan

Address: Road of wave of fine of 2 sanded islands odeum of 33 stars sea 1 building

Optimal film: 37o2 Paradise

The Cheese Cake of his home as expected deserve the reputations one enjoys, mouthfeel is full-bodied, the entrance is changed namely; Carry rummy Su Ye to let a person be profuse in praise, full-bodied grandma is sweet in be mingled with is worn a bit wine is sweet the feeling with cocoa small drunk, delicious dead. Besides sweetmeats, of and so on of pink of Pizza, meaning not bad also, midday the Set Lunch of period of time very touch. The place is not great, the decoration is quite concentrated, but appearing dot warmth everywhere. Live around can now and then come over to sit, a cake, a cup of coffee, break up turn over a magazine, hear old song, went so afternoon.
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