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Heaven and earth of duck abdomen Tibet is touched eat Korea roast meat
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Korea dish form is weak, oil is little, without gourmet powder, vegetable is fed with be born give priority to, han type barbecue with high protein, the beef of low cholesterol is given priority to. Korea dish pays attention to a vision to enjoy, flavour hot color is bright, stuff is much honester, acerbity, hot, sweet, suffering, salty the five flavors is paratactic, green, white, red, yellow, black 5 kinds of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind. Korea dish, cook is given priority to with barbecue more, wait for the bovine rib that has bloated with Chengdu of Korea beef juice, fish sauce, black any of several hot spice plants, garlic decoct just must arrive duration, the flesh is sweet full-bodied, the dot bakes beef sauce or dipping in is sauce of acerbity hot barbecue, sweet hot barbecue sauce, have taste one time particularly.

Now, introduce for everybody dog-cheap and delicate Korea barbecue inn, new 3000 lis of barbecue, in Sha He station of courtyard of ave army body goes to industrial and commercial bank to just go ahead 20 meters are less than, with respect to the small shop that can see duck of a for a long time, and this duck inn however inside Cang Qiankun, there is a small footpath by what sell duck, get on 2 buildings continuously, there can be one here the home is not large, decorate inn of barbecue of Korea of distinctive of not luxurious Dan Ting, the top of head of every pieces of table has " one gets exaggerated light greatly " , just discover before is a smoking canal later, when eating roast meat, need not eat all over the face lampblack. Walk into this ordinary small shop, can detect surely one build top is catching a handful to boast and exaggerate the little elder brother of red hair very grab an eye, ha.

Introduce this inn, because its had better eat to have distinguishing feature most,not be, however here may concealment quite, compare little person, the environment is quiet, suit two small to pat very much pat procrastinate or a few friends get together, need not open voice conversation, and the dish share full price here is low, taste is quite good still, believe here should be Guangzhou's cheapest Korea dish house.

Red hair little elder brother is over to the dot after dish, serving rate is very rapid, at a draught the table is put completely. Burden is very much, pink of circle of earthnut of hot bud dish, hot Xi Qin, chili, chili and sesame paste wait all sorts of sauce a moment to expect.

The food here is very much, the boiler having rock that recommends quite mixes meal, material is very much, deal is sufficient, taste is very good. The beefsteak that bake, the flesh is very tender, enough flavour, touch condiment, wrapping with lettuce eat, very pretty good. Still the cold face, potato that bake, steaky pork waits. Now because the day has two people only, the relation of abdomen abdomen, did not eat these so, and nodded ovine leg section (28 silver) , big big hotpot, outside inside fertilizer thin, taste special bright, if do not like those who eat fertilizer, can cut off fat eat again. Beef (30 silver) , the beef that passes souse is very tender slip, easy ripe, with lettuce the bag rises, plus all sorts of burden, cold in the area is hot, meat or fish is taken in element, fresh food taste mixes chewing grumous bovine bovril particularly delicious. Bright shrimp (26 silver) .
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