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The cate mushroom soup in biscuit
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Perhaps wrap on you not quite " cold " , but the content inside should be wrapped to be interested on you only, you cannot help wanting to explore the cate that is hidden in the depth of biscuit.

Before afterwards some southeast Asia of food shop " golden pillow " (biscuit is including curry course) after appearing, again another biscuit are boiled newly now meaning. Was in recently to feed younger sister savor of 2 sanded rosary good-looking good drunk Western-style food boiling water, on dish card, this Shang Ming suckles emperor mushroom soup for black bacterium, price 38 yuan, the person inside inn abbreviation it surrounds boiling water for wheat.

Western-style food Shang Yinong is stiff give priority to, household utensils cannot leave a bowl child with dish, at most above add a crisp skin, this is very common breed. But here uses biscuit of skin of a wheat novelly however to serve as household utensils, it is Shang Ke drink really and the bag can eat, kill two birds with one stone. According to introducing, make barley wrap with Mai Pi and flour above all, the lid digs a heart to reserve since, wait for stay of proceedings of black bacterium, dried mushrooms, white mushroom next fry forge of sweet reoccupy machine to become fine and soft, it is good to join Dan Jilian and bright grandma to make 焗 of again slow fire through boiling in proportion, in be being wrapped into wheat next, drench on juice of cheap of avoid of a few yoke, cap is wrapped to be able to go up above final lid desk.

When eating, open biscuit cap to smell gently the thick stiff grandma of mushroom soup is sweet, right now biscuit cap can dip in soup, also can dip in on the rose ox oil that deserves to send is beautiful, next ground of bag of wheat of mouth of a Shang Yi eats, the smell with that sweet alcohol is unprecedented, add wheat bag to having the nutrient value with common a lot of higher biscuit, this Shang Shi is in good.

Forage address: 2 Sha Dao big thoroughfare of Guangzhou city by grand city supermarket

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