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Mug-up of originality of style of type of 6 wood day
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The dining-room that feed house is resided in 6 wood, you can taste the zephyr arrange with the trendiest savor, here manufacture various, also not allow even mug-up small inspect. No matter be afternoon tea period of time,or is meal city time come over, delicate and beautiful mug-up all can bring a surprise for you.

Smoke flesh bakes New Year cake (22 yuan) : Original New Year cake also has many variety, of China, of Korea, of Japan, 3 person surface color is endless and same, have nevertheless be nodded jointly even if entrance mastication all contains tenacity and muscle principle. Here chooses Japanese New Year cake of white, supplement asparagus, with smoke flesh wrap up, sign the fire after been string together with bamboo, original New Year cake is harder, through so burn, immediately molten. What when eating, the feeling of smoke pliable but strong adds the fat of smoke flesh and asparagus is sweet fragile, the feeling is top-ranking.

Chengdu of Zhi person potato (28 yuan / 2) : The first look, this thing is very big meal of type of a day is round, look outside it is potato Chengdu, a bit afraid meeting is denied too be bored with. In fact, become you to be bitten patiently, the Zhi that there can be you to like inside discovery person, have the vegetable bead such as many sweet tuber crops, red turnip, and smoke flesh is broken, in a lot of Zhi person surround like magma, these stuffing makings and potato Chengdu are perfect supplement, it is delicious.

Day Fu collect meal is round (22 yuan) : The day is wrap up fresh vegetable, prawn like Fu Luo Yi, if lap rice, certain more healthy. Day of Fu collect meal that here pushs newly is round, it is a meal fragile blast of day of Fu collect oar is wrapped outside the group and into, the crab that adorns 3 kinds on rice group again child, drench on sanded law sauce. The meal is round when eating outside fragile inside soft, still have crab child Bo Bo's mouthfeel, the Gan Xiang of rice is self-evident.

Bright shrimp small a round mass of food (8 yuan / 5) : Small a round mass of food of Japan is very famous, the small a round mass of food of Dou Yizhang fish that everybody eats commonly is given priority to, the small a round mass of food here is made with outside about the same, but juice sauce is sweeter mouth. Distinction at outside shortbread is made, here uses day of Fu collect noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, and add bead of shrimp flesh, broccoli wait, stuffing material is rich, very true material fact expects, the wooden fish that can dance on the shop again finally next, good-looking delicious.
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