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Field of area of mountain of the Qin Dynasty lives self-help manual
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Sex of general in Qin Ling outdoors motion danger is very small, knapsack of no more than is pedestrian bivouac picnic, but fall in extremely individual situation, a few accident circumstances can happen, the field that I say lives save oneself, point to the necessary step below this kind of special situation namely. Thing of mountain range of mountain of broad sense the Qin Dynasty 800 more than kilometer, north and south tens of coming more than 200 kilometers, signs of human habitation is exiguous, vegetation is rich, wild animal activity is frequent, overall landform and weather situation are very complex, the heaven that low height above sea level mountaineers. General be in danger, come greatly have the following these a few kinds of circumstances: Stray

From the point of reason of tickler of hill of all previous of area of mountain of the Qin Dynasty, the outdoors tragedy that stray place brings about directly should occupy 60% above, this is far not be to use compass to be able to be solved, above all, the use of compass must close suitably with map of large proportion for military use, stem from confidential reason, average person is obtained hard, the 2nd, specific use compass cooperates map field to locate, must have certain theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, the novice masters hard. The 3rd, although decided oneself place is nodded, how to reach safe district or supply point, also be a complex issue, far not be assume sth as a matter of course connected a gleam of at 2 o'clock so simple.

From set out actually, above all, should accomplish avoid to get lost as far as possible, nod in the remarkable landform of along the road (for instance fluvial bend, conspicuous large tree or strange stone) , notice much angle observes, lest go,cannot identify when the road back to one's former position. Notice what what expend between the dot to note next characteristics about time. Mark is made in mouth of every branch road, use from spray paint more conspicuous, but not great environmental protection, can control long red wool with 10CM, hang in roadside branch, conspicuous and convenient. In altitude the stone sea area of 3200 above, once weather is harsh, visibility is reduced a lot of, lose way very easily, do not have branch to be able to hang wool again, the proposal is used from spray paint to lie between 10 meters to do arrow.

How to seek a way, often encounter dot of a few fork, do not know which boundary, at that time not only should make good number, notice to analyse the case of the road even, the concern that orders simply according to landform and target judges the choice of the road, say specificly, the place that should go is in northern part, won't choose to go to normally the branch road south, should go up hill, won't choose downward branch road. In certain branch road, of the road point to cardinal principle identical, that is about to bring your eye anatomize into play, see which way the person often takes the likelihood, analyse the branch of roadside hang up, the way corp is growing of roadside weed, there is the track that does not have apparent person on the ground, accumulate how many what take a leaf, believe to make judgement not hard. Be no good really, informal choose one forth on explore hundreds of meters, also can reach commonly result.
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