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The lash-up little baby in the travelling bag of outdoors emergency treatment
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Outdoors and expeditionary, field lives, more and more make the recreational motion item that likes by modern. Notable is, although the mankind also goes from nature, but modern is far from field environment already too long, more and more depend on artificial environment to live. When expeditionary activity has in entering environment, the problem that how can live in the safety in this environment is shown.

True explorer, do not approach him life blindly absolutely. Outdoors and expeditionary meaning is not to take life to take a risk, contrary, should use up all likelihoods to reduce or avoid the possibility of danger happening. This print invites teacher of Guilin of horse of expert of outdoors emergency treatment to chair this one column, it is the person that hopes each enter outdoors activity, except undertake goods and materials and body prepare adequately besides, it is certain to still can be had save oneself each other saves knowledge and technical capability, the outdoors activity process with satisfactory wonderful experience.

The lash-up little baby in travelling bag: Blanket of newspaper, potassium permanganate, heat preservation

Go out enter outdoors activity, the necessary article that live and protects oneself security should be carried for certain. Besides, the proposal takes blanket of on a bit newspaper, potassium permanganate, heat preservation again. Do not look down upon thing of this 3 type, their action can is different from general! Weight light, volume is minor, carry convenient, it is you each other saves oneself indispensably to help article in travelling bag.


When outdoors activity, the main effect of newspaper is notorious, must not throw away at will. You look, heat preservation, beguiling, when bug of splint, ignition, drive, the function is all ready, go out outer take, save oneself each other is saved really convenient.

Heat preservation: Motion can perspire, after the outdoors movement that measures in big campaign especially. Perspire can make the dress damp, when resting, by wind whiff, can take away the quantity of heat of the body, raise cold rate not only, the wet dress that is stuck on the body returns inconvenience of action letting a person, this is person of go on a journey is the commonnest, avoid hard headache thing. Outdoors motion is an athletic sports, itself uses up many physical ability, so go on a journey person it is take part in a battle with light packs commonly, take a lot of dresses impossibly to offer change at any time. Although not little now outdoors equipment manufacturer developed the dress material of moistureproof, ventilated, heat preservation to solve,perspire brought issue, but price is high. So, newspaper resolves this contradiction namely the simplest, most economy, most jury method.

Come with newspaper heat preservation effect is very reliable, use method is very simple also, newspaper around close-fitting it is OK to level. Newspaper is compact the gender is strong, the result that block wind is very positive, was equivalent to wearing underwear of a heat preservation more. After perspiring, newspaper will be adsorptive sweat fluid, and unapt make dress bedew. Gently already will damp newspaper is taken out, tremble in air dry, it is OK to be used again.
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