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Snow mountain lives skill
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Because slip drop it is very clear that apply the brake and break come to help to have mountain-climbing Bible and relevant data are described before, so I do not have interpret.

Survival Skills: Snow Cave

A Snow Cave Can Mean The Difference Between Life And Death During A Storm, but Digging One Requires Not Just Know-how But The Right Conditions: Deep Snow, a Steep Slope, and Snow Of The Right Consistency For Digging.

When blizzard comes, what hole of a snow may mean life and death is different. But digging hole of a snow is the trick that need digs not just, still need equal status: The deepness of snow, the abrupt degree of brae, whether does the close-grained degree of snow suit excavate.

Begin By Digging An Entrance Large Enough For A Climber To Crawl Through. It Should Be About Three Feet Deep, and Dug Directly Into The Slope. The Entrance Should Also Be Lower Than The Main Chamber To Prevent Winds From Blowing Into The Cave.

Want to dig a big entrance that can make scaler can climb to pass above all. Digging 3 feet to slope face deep, the entrance should be compared advocate the room is small prevent wind insufflate advocate room go

Next, dig The Main Chamber In, upwards, and To The Sides Of The Portal. Do Not Dig Down. The Outer Walls Should Be No Less Than One Foot Thick. As The Climber Digs, he/she Pushes The Snow To The Doorway, where A Partner Helps Shovel The Snow Outside The Cave. Continue To Dig Until There Is Enough Room For The Number Of People In The Party To Lie Down, and To Sit Or Stand Comfortably. The Main Chamber Should Be Level And Flat.

Dig from entrance face directly then advocate room, do not want to be dug downward. Outside wall is large not little at a foot. When a person is dug, he (she) the snow that should come to dig down is pushed toward the doorway, another teammate is helping a snow shovel unkennel outside, continue to dig, can accommodate all teammate to be able to sit comfortably to lie or stand till the space. Advocate the ground of the room should dig level off.

After The Main Chamber Has Been Dug, create A Ventilation Hole With An Ice Axe. When All Occupants Are Inside, blocks Of Snow Can Be Placed In The Doorway To Stop Wind From Blowing Inside.

An airway is done with ice axe after snow hole has been dug, after waiting for all people to come in, cushion the entrance with snow prevent wind insufflate to come.

Survival Skills: Igloo

Igloos Can Withstand Hurricane Force Winds. Start With A Base Area, packed Down By Stamping Out The Area With Your Feet. In A Work Area Nearby, a Second Person Should Begin Harvesting Blocks About 2.5 Feet Wide, 1.5 Feet High, and.5 Feet Deep.

House of garden top snow can resist fierce wind, seek a basic ground above all, step on the snow of that area with the foot strong, curium in work area then piece about 2.5 feet wide, 1.5 feet tall
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