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Field lives signal of ask for help
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Outdoors, live the environment is very harsh, all sorts of catastrophic meetings come unexpectedly. To the person that field lives, understand the dilemma that oneself face in time, announcement others, get come to help, it is very important. When ask for help of be in danger, want to pass all sorts of means and others to get in touch. The signal that issue wants enough to cause the attention of people.

One, signal is phyletic

According to the circumstance of oneself and the ambient conditions all round, issue signal of different ask for help. Usually, the move that repeats 3 times is symbolic seek help.

The sort of signal has:

[Fireworks signal]

It is very effective that blaze regards contact as signal. Shi Kegen of be in danger occupies the circumstance of oneself: To make sure its are reliable degree, some of moss, green tender branch, rubber can be put to wait for made generation smother on igneous caboodle by day; Can put some of dry bavin in the evening, make flourishing of baked wheaten cake, make fire elevatory.

Setting off 3 caboodle blaze is the signal of ask for help with current international, fire caboodle is placed triangularly, the interval between every caboodle is equal most ideal, such arrangement are convenient also ignite. If fuel is rare,be short of or him the condition of an injury is serious, or because starve, excessive and frail, collect is insufficient 3 caboodle blaze, so make things done with whatever is avaible ignites one caboodle to also go.

Let all signal kindling impossibly burn all the day, but should prepare at any time appropriate, make fuel keeps dry, once have any planes transient, ignite as soon as possible appeal.

The fuel that fire piles should burn easily, can fast combustion wants after igniting, because have some of opportunity written in water. White birch bark is very ideal fuel.

Can use gas, but cannot get on benzine dump at igneous caboodle. Make lampwick tape with a few cloth, immerse in benzine, put on fuel caboodle next, move benzine canister after coming to be nodded surely, ignite again. After igniting if igneous sign is good,will go out, before adding benzine, should ensure in be being added in the fuel that does not have scintilla or Yu Jin.

Days, aerosol is good positioner, should add on igneous caboodle so send out the material of aerosol. Sharp contrast is formed with surroundings after smother enters the space, get person attention easily.

Bright in the forest of nocturnal occasional bottle green lubricious smother is very marked. Add green grass, leaf, moss and fern to be able to produce smother. Actually any damp things produce smoke, damp straw mat, seat cushion can be fumed burn for a long time, at the same time winged insect also approachs a person hard.

Black aerosol is the markeddest in snow ground or desert, balata and benzine can produce black smoke.

If be restricted by gas condition, aerosol can close upper flap, can increase igneous power, ascendant impetus of so warm air current is fiercer, can carry aerosol to arrive the height that comparative.
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