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Field and expeditionary medical treatment brings all-knowing knowledge (2)
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1. Field seeks water

1980 summer, pengjiamu is in famous scientist when area of berth of Xinjiang collect cloth makes an on-the-spot investigation, seek water because of field and be missing.

We know, life leaves not boiled water, all biology rely on water, all biology can have water. Without food, normal person can survive 20 days or so commonly, but if do not have water, also do not live even 3 days. When searching source of water in order to flow fountainhead is most ideal. A few field introduce to seek the means of water below:

(1) island seeks water

In island with the wind slope a side, often water also has food; Still can find fresh water in petrosal burrow; Mining coast " well " when taking water, puddle should dig the refuge in tide mark above, its deepness wants to be able to make water assemble is by hole. Should cast aside go exterior water, after waiting for precipitation, use above water, after be being boiled of course more safe.

(2) the plant takes water

A lot of floral green nut, stop because flavour acid is OK quickly thirsty; Root of bush of edge of the culm empty section with yellow hair, coast, and the tender plant with 15 ~ expensive 20cm have water.

(3) the animal takes water

The 50 % ~ that moisture holds piscine body weight 80 % , want to get 3kg fish everyday only, can be opposite in order to satisfy an adult one day the need of fresh water. Its method is cut the fish small, or opening of cross of knife lay off is used on piscine back, next, squeeze a water to come forcibly; Or take out big fish splanchnic, juice flows inside drinkable fish.

(4) condensation makes water

If be in maritime float, can aboard maintains " awning " , the vapor in such air can rise to awning coping, become drip to shed bilge via cooling meeting, gather up comes with equipment lash-up need; Choose the tender branch with hale, shock branches and leaves, cover on polybag, on bag opening day, the one horn of bag is gadarene, can collect condensate; Or the new plant branches and leaves of will firm stump is put in big polybag, the meeting when temperature is elevatory produces condensate; In desert, choice moisture place can use distill of sun heat energy to build water (graph 10 - 1) , 24 hours can collect the water that 50mL controls; Seawater and uric fluid pass distillation, OK also and drinkable.

(5) seek water and the means that purify water

Can seek water to fluvial upper reaches; Seek water along avian flight direction; Water seeks below dry riverbed; Place of lowest of the side outside wadi turning seeks water; In the plant flourish place seeks water below the foot of a hill; Spring water is searched below gorge bottom and brae; Dog person or animal footmark can find water (for example, the bee leaves honeycomb do not exceed 6.5km, most insect can fly inside the limits in fountainhead radius 90m) ; Want to purify water, can water boil, add a few salt, or family expenses bleacher, purify water pill (1 ~ 2) shake even, in precipitation after half hours OK and drinkable.
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