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How does the ancients have a meal with drink congee?
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After our country enters agricultural society oneself, meal and congee are the staple food of people all the time.

The meal of black essence of life of Tang Dynasty is the person that according to nutrition of Taoist school dietotherapy Gu Fang uses steam of rice of dip of Na Zhushu leaf and those who become is dietary. Na Zhushu weighs oriental blueberry again,

Tang Dynasty still has a kind of round oily meal, with Ci of flesh of fish, shrimp, goose, flocks and herds, pink (pink of polished glutinous rice) , the makings such as Jiang Gui, Chi, salt closes make, it is a kind of delicate assorted meal.

Song Dai's home
Anchoret pays attention to dietary elegant, they are boiled together with all sorts of flowers, fructification and rice, wait like flat peach meal, lotus leaf meal.

City of lake of clear acting Zhejiang takes people to love to eat meal of cereal of He Yan of evaporate cereal meal, it is the meal that the rice place after a kind of suffocating passes cooks, human body of this kind of rice is digested easily absorb, its are classy can make tribute rice.

Congee is ancient say rotten. Thick congee cries rotten, uncommon ability calls congee. People loves to feed congee, a list of things of congee the name of an article is various, not only the congee that place of rice, polished glutinous rice, millet, corn is boiled, still have miscellaneous the congee that adds up to makings of all sorts of fruit vegetables, flesh to be boiled, each have use of different health care of preserve one's health.

The ancients advocates cold winter morning to eat congee of congee of meat of taro congee, red jujube congee, dog, chicken, after feeding all over warm, energetic. Midsummer dusk eats gram congee, lotus seed congee, hawkthorn congee, Jie congee, have the effect of cool and refreshing and moist, compensatory nutrient. Archaic congee tastes Shang Youfeng sweet congee, lily congee, medlar congee to wait a moment, most appropriate is aged body weak edible.

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