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Qianlong is granted " rice crust dish " (graph)
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Qianlong is granted " rice crust dish "

Rice crust dish is Tianjin particular local gust is fastfood. Of rice crust dish advocate makings rice crust, with classy gram and oar of wear of water of high grade millet, booth becomes thin thin pancake made of millet flour, cut Liu Xie piece. Wait with sauce of balm, Jiang Mo, chopped green onion, face, soy, fermented bean curd hit into bittern. Next, put crust of cooked rice bittern inside, blend gently, be stained with bittern completely with rice crust till, immediately fills a bowl inside, wait plus leaf of juice of hot oil, balm, sesame paste, fermented bean curd, caraway. Faint scent of crisp bright of rice crust dish, smooth is dainty, match again with sesame seed sesame seed cake, gust is unusual. Rice crust dish is not dish, however skilly a kind. One's early years does rice crust dish to be become best belong to great good fortune to come, its author Zhang Lan, it is allegedly in those days water waterside hero " vegetable garden " Zhang Qing and " mother hideous " Sun Erniang's later generations.

Old since, old Zhang Jiadou is continueing to sell the livelihood of thin pancake made of millet flour in Tianjin all the time. To clear Dai Qianlong year, trade of this piece of shop of thin pancake made of millet flour that record is done very on market have improvement. Bout catchs up with Qianlong emperor small take illicit visit dozen of this place transient, eat be used to the Qianlong of delicacies of every kind, want to taste folk particularly most tastily thin pancake made of millet flour coils green Chinese onion. Eat at easely, anxious hard to avoid makes choke, he wants to heat up soup with inn-keeper point, boiling water does not sell originally in inn, but shopkeeper Zhang Lan feels this lord child style of conversation not common has the capacity quite, hasten accost mies wife Guo Bajie begins to get ready. 8 elder sister of this Guo are the bitter one's previous experience that has meal of a hunderd schools to be brought up, work work deft work floats, see guest mouth is urgent, remember in those days the burnt meal that oneself often eat pickle soup, solve again full recover from fatigue.

At once Shang Zhong of off-the-peg dish of immerge of shred of thin pancake made of millet flour, put the spice such as the salt that burn oil and caraway again, the clear soup of a bowl of big warm was carried.

Qianlong choke is gotten afflictive, saw boiling water, do not cover tightly readily by defend oneself. Thin pancake made of millet flour tastily, clear soup read smoothly, qianlong is pointing to soup to ask: "What to call the name? " Guo Bajie thinks ask her the name, reply then: "Guo 8... " Qianlong listens, "Rice crust also reasonable, the crack of rice crust! If add a dish word again, call rice crust dish, most the solid food below appropriate, better. "
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