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New Year is different dietary anecdote of the country (graph)
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World each district is not little the country because nation, culture, belief, habits and customs is different, food of spend joyfully New Year is consuetudinary also differ in thousands ways, each have distinguishing feature, have elegant demeanor oneself.

New Year is different dietary anecdote of the country

Wu Kelan's person has dumpling competition (the data pursues)

New Year, share together with family delicate it is the happiest hour (the data pursues)


The Paraguay of South-American city annual it is 5 days surely finally " day of cold drinks and snacks " . Can eat cold drinks and snacks only, all the time to the New Year's Eve 0 bells noise rises, ability ignites boil boils cate, spend joyfully New Year.


France has a kind of belief, if have remnant alcoholic drink,think home of the New Year's Eve is medium, the coming year hands in adversity surely. Accordingly, they would rather be drunk as drunk as a sowly, also want to drink the wine in the home a light.


The girl has been in when New Year, want to put on special hare form dress to eat green vegetables, ate green vegetables allegedly meeting at every turn is satisfactory flexibly.


Peruvian is in the night of the New Year's Eve, family person reunites to wait for cathedral together when sound was knocked noisy at 0 o'clock, contend for eat a grape, and the rhythm that do one's best presses ding, one the ground eats, but eat 12 only. The first is begged quiet, the 2nd seeks harmony, downward ordinal for joy, get rich, harmonious, take refugee, dispel disease, business flourishing, job successful, at every turn is mixed flexibly happiness loving each other.


The night in the New Year's Eve loves Iranian particularly eat " 7 dish " every dish name wants with alphabetical S begin, indicative family annual is lucky.


Hungarian cross New Year not to eat birds meat, they think the birds such as gallinaceous duck goose kind have wing, ate it, meet happily subsequently " fly away " .


When Austrian New Year eats reunion meal together, forbid to eat crab absolutely, they think, crab is infestation, who ate it, can give the job and domestic Jonah.


Madagascan, the avoid inside a week that comes in New Year has pig, sheep, ox, horse these flesh kind food.
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