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Dietary legend: Without brother not mug-up
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Without brother, not mug-up

"Without brother, not mug-up " – – – cites the word of advertisement of some motion brand that near future heat sows will describe division of these two senior mug-up, just in time is right. Huang brother is mug-up ace together, give counsel in same company, struggle jointly, this is be expert at inside very god-given. Although sometimes the opinion when two people are being created always can have some of difference, but the research that passes authority, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness the good point that makes them.

Guangxi of Huang brother ancestral home, the gold as the elder brother human relations, person bareheaded fellow, after the middle school graduates, come out to work, controlled 1986, below the friend's introduction, gu body works to guesthouse of west lake of Guangdong benefit city, those who be is a friend " over there have so that eat have so that live " , in the day that mug-up master study follows after his absolutely did not think of to be in, like the head appearance that made mug-up become his gradually, also became profession of all one's life. Accordingly, line of little brother gold also is in of the elder brother guide below, after a year also go to somewhere for shelter to benefit city guesthouse of this foreign capital learns art, two people follow the master at that time to learn to make snack, began to rise to feel black day early.

Through old study, make a living wandering from place to place comes out respectively after they learn. Eldest brother became mug-up officer to Yue of Guangzhou new supreme ruler 1993, the little brother works at going to Shenzhen 1989, finally, 1994, they enter job of profit center wineshop jointly, get together was in one case. Till today, profit center removes and they continue to stay behind in former address new piece the wineshop that collect center, continue to make beautiful state of mind for the mug-up of wineshop.

Next hard work to fold give shrimp dumpling 18 lines

Mug-up all is to look simple, do complex, want those who had made to manufacture, huang brother thinks to want a course to be communicated each other, expenditure mood will finish.
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