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2 palace " candy of city do not toss the story of "
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Tong Fudong road 619, namely south 2 palace of village crossing city are inclined on, have an aromatic sweetmeats store. The space inside inn is narrow, far unlike is aromatic this name, listen go up intended condition. An eave two archives mouth is congeneric aromatic sweetmeats, it is an old name that has long time, the candy of monopolistic tradition is not swung. Although was controlled at 1 o'clock afternoon, still still be a lot of people will have a thing. Meantime asked a girl, she says person a long time buys decoct dumpling to want to had discharged long line, the skin is thin sweet mouth, the quantity is fed in the main, choose a sweet sago beverage again next, when going, bale a candy is not swung, what money spends so that do not eat more is especially comfortable still.

What is candy is not swung? Wanted to an ability knows even if thoroughly cook pink of polished glutinous rice directly, move rub becomes powdery bolus, after be being thoroughlied cook with the syrup that rolls heat in iron bowl, scoop scatter again on of pulverize fry earthnut, shredded coconut stuffing, wake stomach and not be bored with, sweet heavy sweet thick.

The story that does not toss about candy is such: Between light-year of path of Qing Dynasty of according to legend, the person that hole town takes suck opium east is very much. Early spring in Feburary 2, because baneful influence is flush, the masses have no means to live, drive toward east hole passes " section of sell oneself or a member of one's family " the male Ding Shouruo that gets rich man service is clinking, it is sallow and emaciated mostly, without very labor. One of the Eight Immortals in the legend after Lv hole Bin Wen says, forge the Ling Dan that control strong interest, because of good medicine tastes bitter, moreover privately descend to the world, it is affront day. Then Lv Dongbin hides elixir within bolus of ripe glutinous pink, deserve to be boiled with syrup sweet slippery goluptious " candy is not swung " (take " candy pink sticks red not to depart " meaning) , shake the body becomes to carry a load peddling old man, sell partly to ruins end from street send partly. After everybody eats, if really stanch opium baneful influence, physical strength, intelligence restores, east hole " candy is not swung " because this is famous. Candy is not swung later pulled correlation with marriage of male and female gradually again, be located in east the villager that hill of hole, tea, unexpected drop presses down each is simple and conservative, every time woman matchmaker takes young boy to date in woman home, if the woman agrees, boil " candy is not swung " entertain, the man sees on the desk is " candy is not swung " , know this marriage " swing " not know clearly, then of will big bowl " candy is not swung " eat a bowl to add a bowl again, make clear be willing meddlesome and geminate. If the woman does not agree with this marriage, boil the syrup of dried bean milk cream in tight rolls of break up egg, what the man sees be placed on the stage is syrup of dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, know this marriage " medicinal powder " , drink a syrup to was about to say good-bye and go hurriedly.
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