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Whole world of entrance ticket of domestic situation area is the most expensive
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As the drawing near of the Spring Festival, upsurge of go on a journey is coming, many people make a budget in the go on a journey that is his. It is reported, because airline ticket price, hotel price rises in the round, home swims this year Spring Festival price and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year rise 10 % left and right sides. Additional, entrance ticket charge also can be occupied go comparativing large proportion, entrance ticket of busy season of channel of 9 stockaded village 310 yuan (contain cost of ticket of 90 yuan of sightseeing) , home Zhang group takes hill gate bank note 245 yuan. relatively at abroad, the price of scene area entrance ticket of our country is higher. Partial tourist expresses, use the Spring Festival to choose to leave the country swim want opposite be to one's profit a few.  

Afterwards leaves the country after You Chunjie price comes on stage in the round, case of travel expense of Spring Festival home also was announced a few days ago. During Spring Festival golden week, the hotel of each big travel city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou price general tower above is very much, plan Spring Festival is gone to 3 inferior citizen, the high-grade hotel of the seaside can shift to an earlier date mostly a month is ordered full. Travel agent predicts, as a result of " 51 " long holiday cancels, the Spring Festival will be number of throughout history go on a journey this year a golden week with most, top price.   

Phenomenon of size entrance ticket exists generally

Opposite at relatively cheap eat, live, the each travel expenses such as travel, it may be said of price of entrance ticket of Chinese tourist attraction " the whole world is the most expensive " .  

The area of tourist attraction scene with free entrance ticket is found very hard in Chinese home, even if patriotism education base also looks around by ticket ability. According to introducing, fare of Buckingham Palace adult 12 pound (1 pound adds up to 16 yuan of RMBs about) , 2 people of connubial bring a child gross 30 pound. This price is mixed in England bar drinks two cups of beer about the same. Tourist attraction entrance ticket of the United States is to press a car to collect fees more, 10 dollars reach a car 25 dollars, can be inside 7 days area of scene of free pass in and out, and make multilateral home park be free. The Shan Xueyue hill with the most beautiful Korea is opened freely to the public, entrance ticket of palace of heart of prosperous of world culture bequest is 3000 Han yuan, add up to 3.3 dollars about, this price buys two apples namely in Korea.  

As we have learned, 2 people of some couple will go last year in July Hangzhou and yellow hill travel, two people cost altogether of 6 days 7000 multivariate RMB, among them money of entrance ticket of each tourist attraction was spent 1200 multivariate. The clever concealed temple of Hangzhou is so-called " Changjiang Delta the first Buddhist templeput on the brakes " , want to see its real features, should spend 35 yuan to buy first fly the ticket of the peak, because fly peak outside, must pass, do not buy be no good. Buy the ticket of clever concealed temple again, spend 30 yuan again, add up 65 yuan. Not only domestic tourist disrelishs fare too expensive, also blame even tourist of a Russia say: "Be in our Russia, like clever concealed temple such religion travels the place does not collect fees for the most part. Like clever concealed temple such religion travels the place does not collect fees for the most part..
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