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Brigade parades 2008 nets gain meets domestic talking sword height forum (graph)
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The – of main component – that regards 2008 China as the exposition on travel net forum of height of 2008 travel informatization will be held in Henan Zhengzhou on April 11. This is large-scale peak is met the 2nd since the exposition on Chinese travel net is held. This second forum saves bureau of tourism bureau, Zhengzhou city tourism to sponsor by center of information of national tourism bureau, Henan, limited company of science and technology of information of elegant road of Beijing gold brigade undertakes. Come from Asia-Pacific each are center of information of bureau of tourism of city of travel society, each province, big the delegate of industry of company of travel website, travel and travel informatization correlation assembles in, research and the strategy that discuss development of Chinese travel informatization and each concrete step. The person that forum attends the meeting around " how to make Fair of the travel on the net that never rings down the curtain " theme of this one core spreads out, discussed informatization of our country travel to develop the current situation and trend analysis deep, to how holding an Olympic Games year brought new opportunity, sale of Chinese travel network, cent sells the view that waited for a problem to all raise development. Senior travel expert, scholar, and does concerned government official still have to business chance of Olympic Games travel how old can be latent capacity dug? The foreground of travel electron business affairs after all how? How is the net gain that never rings down the curtain met layout? ... wait for what a series of problems raised much position to think.

The personage inside course of study expresses, current forum appears piece 4 " much " characteristic. One of, the issue that the person that attend the meeting brings is much. With Chinese home travel Fair the corresponding period is held, trade public figure gathers, personnel of the director leader that the place saves city tourism bureau to be in charge of leader and information center, technology; Various scenery scenic spot the area is in charge of appoint personnel of director of center of conference leadership, information, technology; Website of travel of various travel agent, business, hotel and hotel group are relevant personnel of leader, technology; Each are fair do informatization of cause group consortium, of all kinds travel research, seek advice, the leader of scientific research orgnaization, school, expert, scholar; And representing of overseas travel bureau, scholar add up to 50 much people attended this second forum. Secondly, media is participated in much. Famous media has many travel industry whole journey dogs report. The numerous and authoritative medium such as channel of travel of net of travel of TV station of CCTV, Beijing, Henan TV station, China, Sohu happens to coincide nod attention focusing to be on this height forum. Thirdly, splendid speech is much. Official of more than 10 authoritative travel experts, scholar, government visits the spot to have splendid speech. Article of bridge of vice secretary of leading Party group of bureau of Shandong province tourism, deputy director general was born to do thorough analysis from the height of travel informatization and industrialization confluence; Vice president of region of Zhang Xiao of travel of sina happy road undertook discussing from the angle of travel network and sale; Wu Fan of general manager of network of Beijing international travel is applied with respect to the Internet of travel company only gave out of full and accurate paradigmatic. Its 4, spot public is interactive much. Numerous travel company and public are participated in extensively. Reporter spot interviewed audience of a few forum randomly, they react generally, meet through participating in a peak forum, there was brand-new knowledge in a lot of respects to travel industry, benefit a lot.
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