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Is the chestnut of Beijing where the most delicious?
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Eat chestnut now the right season or time! A lot of people like to go into the street the sugar that buys a packet of warm fries chestnut to eat, the chestnut of where is delicious? We take you to search today.

Qiu Li is sweet

Clew: Beijing likes to eat candy to fry chestnut, the likelihood knows Qiu Li is sweet, the ground installs door inn to discharge cue every day. Allegedly, a special skill of it may be said of his home chestnut, each is big full, good pare and not dirty hand, taste sweet glutinous. Just the business is too good, go must waiting every time on fully a hour, catch up with on holidays, time is longer.

Address: The ground installs the gate

Full city faint scent

Clew: Fry chestnut master to estimate the experience that has many long time, duration masters very purely, especially feral small chestnut, although price is a bit high, good eat, oneself go tasting.

Address: Tell a state new China ave

Inn of small market chestnut

Clew: Small market chestnut, also be old name, do not have storefront however, much teenager, it is in the winter here raise a booth, still sell fry melon seeds of what. Allegedly of here chestnut choose makings, it is the high grade Chinese chestnut of countryside of Beijing suburb fine.

Address: Below bridge of boreal small market

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