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Happy hill name is fastfood on the west dam bean curd
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Up to now, dam ancient town still has on the west a lot of what concern with bean curd is vestigial with folklore.  

Not the second is lived in dam presses down cold water well on the west, because of domestic deficient 30 big a few alone still, depend on each other with old mother. Pink clouds faery of the sky sees way of his diligent, kind-hearted, filial piety, change the village aunt faint that cadge to be in not second door mouth, by not second take sb in, live together. The sky lacked pink clouds, king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank sends day of troops from heaven-an invincible army to will go back arrest of pink clouds faery. The son that two talents are born a few days wow wow cry greatly, pink clouds faery is heartstricken, the edge walks along an edge to cry say: "The second, the water mill bean that uses cold water well boils soya-bean milk to feed the child... " evermore, not the second grinds soya-bean milk to feed a son every day. The son grows, lively and lovely, clever and piquant, one day, pour the bittern that boils salt into soya-bean milk unexpectedly, not the second come back, soya-bean milk is caky already into for nothing tender delicate thing, taste, taste is good, bean curd is born at this point.  

Cold water well is in dam presses down civil rights village on the west nowadays below 2 groups lion hill, the water nest of size of a washbasin, do not overflow do not dry up, all the year round so, water is from the Suo Luo gorge after hill dip comes over. On the town no matter be cafes restaurant, still be lane of brewery bean curd, and the dweller is drinkable, all from here take water.

Fabulous some year, the Zhang Guo of the Eight Immortals in the legend roam of mother's brother of country of old, Lv Dongbin, Cao so far, see the megalith of an evenness between the mountain forest of arboreous luxuriantly green, as it happens plays chess, then Zhang Guo often husband'ses father with Cao Guo fight closely of lay out battlefield. Noon, the hunger in abdomen, the Lv Dongbin that watchs fight aside is satisfied to the hill around civilian denounce eat and drink. Honest hill civilian push fabaceous trick to wait for, do not think a few time go, soya-bean milk is not boiled from beginning to end. Guest clutch points to Lv hole to calculate, it is the tortoise make trouble that repairs refine to become spirit so, because play chess of 2 celestial being occupied the megalith of sun of its every insolation. Then Lv hole Bin Yijian pricks river of Xiang Mu brook, tortoise be frighted rises a sky, launch fierce battle with Lv Dongbin, kill so that faint continuously day of dark ground, not definitely relative superiority or inferiority. Kill to cold water well, see one gammer enjoys the cool here, lv Dongbin denounces water to drink to her, after been drink work force times add, behead kills tortoise to fall at Zhen Wushan. Nowadays, dam town has place name of mouth of the stone of dam of 3 celestial being, chessboard, channel that grind a knife, tortoise on the west. As it is said cold water well is avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (gammer) sprinkle the holy water below, alimentary piece on the west dam 3 absolutely -- on the west dam bean curd, on the west dam ginger, on the west wine of dam polished glutinous rice.  
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