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The tiger foot of Suzhou is ungual
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"Tiger foot is ungual " this fastfood sheet listens the name makes a person curious with respect to enough. Go toward direction of leather city market from the street before view, midday of every the world has near the market of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style over there sell this kind of fastfood vendor's stand. Here is street go up the small small retailer of the bicycle of come and go, pedestrian and in twos and threes, do not be like old the city zone of smooth river road that kind is refined, be full of earthly and kind life breath however.

"Tiger foot is ungual " it is actually a kind sweet carbonado cake, because its figure is similar the claw of the tiger and get a name. Authentic " tiger foot is ungual " outside fragile and not hard, show a bit solid the characteristic that is it, smell is sweet but not heavy. Like mouthfeel a few older choose brown color deep, like tender, choose color shallow. I dare be bought only old, tender " the tiger is ungual " each one, because of the space in abdomen indeed finite, be in what is more,the rather that " tiger foot is ungual " of booth around, I discover additionally two kinds accidentally fastfood: Congee of sweet-scented osmanthus candy and jellied bean curd.

A kind of Suzhou that candy congee is quite famous gas is fastfood, the street before be being watched not only has the sculpture of congee selling sugar on abstruse view square, "Earnest earnest, congee selling sugar " peddle sound also spreads out already the ballad that turns old times children. The candy congee here is delicious, sell particularly quickly also, candy congee has red bean and compound of polished glutinous rice tangy sweet-scented osmanthus is sweet, when waiting for me to eat preparation to come to a bowl again slowly, one caldron congee had seen an end actually. The boss is busy in manage to find time teach us Suzhou word, congee of candy of this sweet-scented osmanthus says with Suzhou word, have the soft glutinous flavor like candy congee really.

And " tiger foot is ungual " , what candy congee becomes 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces is a jellied bean curd that installs with vintage annatto bucket carry, jellied bean curd also does not give accident ground water tender, the results this afternoon makes popular feeling satisfaction enough.

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