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Do with yam opportunely fastfood
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Yam renown sweet potato, pachyrhizus, sweet potato, contain a lot ofprotein, amylaceous, pectic, cellulose, amino acid, vitamin to reach a variety of mineral, have " macrobian food " praise. A few kinds of simple and novel cook yam methods introduce below:

Yam green cake

yam abluent evaporate is ripe, pound after flay mushy, add face of the flour that waits for a quantity and right amount Wen Shui, green, Chinese prickly ash, salt to wait mix divide evenly, into palmar size round cake, put into pan, the bake in a pan that use oil is ripe become namely. This cake colour and lustre is golden, green is sweet tangy, mouthfeel is melting.

Yam fourth soup

Yam is right amount and abluent, go thick skin cuts small Ding Kuai, boiler heat drenchs vegetable oil is fried a bit, bend explodes into Ding Kuai after frying, add water to thoroughly cook yam. Salt, gourmet powder is joined before having pot, a few lardy, scatter on chopped green onion, drench on sesame oil can.

Yam egg meal

Rice, yam 250 grams, egg 4, element salt, vegetable oil each are right amount. Put rice bowl together first inside, after joining right amount water to burn boil, convert slow fire stew is ripe, infiltrate the egg a few refined salt is joined inside boiler again, enter varus of the boiler that heat up oil to fry agglomerate, hind good stew yam rice mixes even, can edible.

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