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The gust of Shanghai ancient town is fastfood (graph)
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The gust of Shanghai ancient town is fastfood

7 treasure: Square cake, wine and flooey flesh

On the 7 treasure ancient town that is located in Shanghai southwest outskirts, the old market of bright Qing Dynasty that has be well versed in of a north and south, the wine of both sides is chopsticks of bamboo of crock of copper of stool of vintage old fashioned square table for eight people, strip, proboscis, square head inside four, cafes. Cake of famous and fastfood in the right way, wine mixes the 7 treasure that old Shanghai knows flooey flesh. Other group of soup of new the Beijing sugarcoated haws on a stick that come out, old market is pretty good also.

Lane of 7 treasure wine: Enter store, can smell the fragrance of a lees. The alcoholic drink that there can be new wine midday everyday goes heat. The wine here arrives in the mouth, went down like a line, there is very spicy sense in throat.

Flesh of 7 treasure flooey: Flooey pork is made inside wine lane, seem to have the feeling of bit of the advantage of being in a favored position. This flooey flesh, come out with secret recipe flooey allegedly, sweet in Xian Kuo, the wine of full mouth is sweet with the flesh sweet. The flooey pork that this kind of small jar packs, recapture goes 20 minutes on evaporate, can eat, very convenient.

Cake of 7 treasure Founder: Pastry still sells in wine lane, polished glutinous rice does 7 treasure outside Founder cake, there is sweetened bean taste inside, when firm evaporate comes out, be soft soft, after be being put a little while, can harden. Founder cake is in will hard not hard when it is the most delicious, sweet spend moderate, mouthfeel is exquisite.

Maple short for the Jinghe River: Fourth hoof

The fourth hoof of maple short for the Jinghe River that Shanghai outskirt golden hill produces already had 100 old histories. It uses black Pi Chun to plant " pig of maple short for the Jinghe River " the leg of pork refines and become. Fine skin of bone of pig of this kind of black skin is thin, fat thin moderate. After fourth hoof is thoroughlied cook, the appearance is intact, gong Liang of colour and lustre, the flesh is tender qualitative fine. Heat eats crisp and not sodden, soup is qualitative thick and not be bored with; Cold eat delicious goluptious, have local color additionally one time.

On the west pond: 8 precious cake, yellow rice or millet wine and powdery evaporate flesh

On the west pond products is cornucopian, gust cate of fastfood, characteristic is famed far and near. Among them the famousest should belong to cake of Fen lake yellow rice or millet wine, 8 precious, " red in June " flesh of evaporate of pink of bean curd of river crab, water, lotus leaf.

8 precious cake: Choose flesh of fact of yam, tuckahoe, amaranth, Mi Ren, malt, hyacinth bean, lotus, hawkthorn to wait for 8 flavour medicinal herbs, complementary refine with pink of high grade polished glutinous rice, white sugar and become.
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