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Bait: Of Dali wonderful and fastfood
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Dali world is gotten the better of condition, landscape scene is infinite. Dali food, also have the place of a few extraordinary very much, for example fan of bait, breast.

Bait is same very wonderful thing. Dali arrives first, hear native to talk eat a character to say surely " bait " word, because never had heard of,return somebody except the fish eatable " bait " and excited and ineffable, 100 think of do not get its to solve. This locality eats " bait " , breakfast has " bait silk " , hold <> concurrently do breakfast and mug-up to have " bait piece " , still have a few additionally farfetched without with the name food, entirely calls " XX entices " . The person that comes from inland actually eats to know how to return a responsibility: Every condiment makes sauce red mix have fermented bean curd, qualified be called " XX entices " . Dali person likes this one really. It is strange also to say is the fermented bean curd in home town be accustomed to sth is in the hand of Dali person so it is OK to add a dot to change slightly become so delicious be able to bear or endure eat 100 eat not tire of.

Dali climate is dry, food is much so drier feed. Breakfast is circle of Guilin of be similar in shape the rice face mixed powder with thick ground rice, those who have ground rice is slippery, pliable but strong, and have flour be able to bear or endure chew, it is conception really wonderful know cate again.

Boil this thing and the area that boil is same, boiled fish out to come, jiashangyi chooses the boiling water of the dot, again on dip one spoon is true " bait silk " -- , Dali Everyman, often use the condiment that added fermented bean curd, chili, put lardy fried shredded meat to be being put, etc cool condense rising is a bowl big, breakfast when one spoon is added in past face, hot boiling water rushs to eat, eat go up the meaning of face of a bit northward fried bean sauce, and flavour is strange delicious and clinking, it is very wonderful really.

Dali fries bait piece

Bait piece, use namely thin cake of two thin dry faces, sauce of chili fermented bean curd was wiped to make the thing that come among, bite rise mouthfeel is very strange and full tine stays sweet, seem to be bitten readily go down, aromatic flavour brims over with same sense.

Like breeding fan is additional interesting thing. Looking is the one caboodle like the spring roll skin of enlarge -- , south also sees not quite nowadays have sell skin of fresh spring roll to come home oneself make -- , the thin pancake with pieces of big Zhang Yi is big one round circle that is translucence is folded, dry, hard, hear go up have light powdered milk sweet, it is inviting very. The practice is to use caldron to boil a grandma, added the what thing that makes milk caky, it is agent of indigenous method curd for the moment -- , on the face one caky one uncover lay open air, it is fan of a piece of breast. Lacteal fan is dish of the daily life of a family in Dali. Resemble southern blast langouste a bit piece make euqally, break one piece with the hand of one valve put in oily boiler small fire slowly scamper, many a small bubble is sent on lacteal fan, whole finally fleeciness rise, fill in dish the candy that shed a point can eat -- , a dish that goes to the lavatory very simply. Have buccal it may not be a bad idea, the lacteal fan that new flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil comes out is put slightly momently, fragile, sweet, full-bodied frankincense, ringing mouthfeel, with langouste piece it is ethereal world really, tower above is too much -- , namely not quite resemble dish and resemble fastfood, although native is honest,eat when dish. A bit lacteal fan is the most interesting, because be the animal sex food that ahimsa can eat, the bonze of Dali people also can eat. Dali scene is beautiful, the hill that nod dark green all around around, distribute in hill countless temple Buddhist nunnery, do not know the meritorious service that because had lacteal fan,has Great Master of how many Buddhist monks and nuns and flourishing of health of body and mind, pardonable Dali monarch likes to become a monk or nun easily -- , do anyway do not do bonze to lacteal fan eats. The bonze of Dali people enter the happiest bonze from this. Speak of monk, simple element room is used that in a tea-booth when You Cangshan, will breed besides hill bacterium potherb on end fan, still have another thing, thick look thinking is lacteal fan and Huang Zhiyuan very. What legume was used like asking the ability on hutch knows is or the thing that what wildlife lane rotted insolation is done, strange is to taste smell very resembling is lacteal fan.
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