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Fastfood spring scenery " flower " sweet " pink " tender
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The town of brillant carry on one's shoulder that will visit in April feels very relaxed, roadside spends bunch, flushed the person's face. The first time to city of carry on one's shoulder, the largest interest still searchs a few places fastfood. According to friend introduction, will to here cannot be missed " pink of home town Lai " , but this is brillant the famousest place is fastfood. Divide this, bean curd flower, fry river snail to wait be in place also is illustrious and famous, do not eat can have not calculated city of carry on one's shoulder.

Beautiful: Hot bean curd spends fresh and tender stimulation

The friend says, arrived city of carry on one's shoulder does not know to have Lai white solely, other and fastfood also good. Cake of lettuce bag, green tea, big group find harder, the reporter is forced to taste bean curd flower to wait.

Allegedly city of carry on one's shoulder commands much big platoon archives or small feed inn to manage bean curd flower, special arrived summertime moment, the person that has bean curd flower is particularly much, because bean curd spends the clear also hot weather that heat up solution. Nowadays can eat on relaxed bean curd flower is lucky.

The reporter is to be in to cry " bean curd gentleman " eat in big archives on slippery slippery tender tender bean curd spends. The boss in inn is very enthusiastic, he says, bean curd beautiful heat eats compare bright, can add bit of arenaceous syrup or put syrup on the ice, delicate and delicious, particularly cool and refreshing.

Wanted flower of two bowls of bean curd, rise to be gone to readily readily with dip of a thick soup of spoon of pottery and porcelain send in the mouth, the feeling is tender like egg soup slip, mouth one close lightly, bean curd was changed completely, clear like spring slowly dip enters throat. The boss delivers two bowls of bean curd the flower again abstain pepper sauce with a bowl, he says: "Trying hot bean curd to spend is what olfactory. " is hot bean curd beautiful? Hemp mother-in-law bean curd is hot know, but hot bean curd is spent or the head hears of.

A friend puts chili in the agitate in bean curd flower, for nothing bean curd flower becomes red immediately, gently close lightly readily, "Hum, taste is good! " line of the support after one person eats. Then everybody is tasted rise, what a bean curd goes out fully in light piquancy is cool and refreshing, it is perfect collocation really. A yuan of money buys a bowl, good taste holds concurrently touch feed.

Pink: Bright of Lai pink bright slips

The reporter strolls in city of carry on one's shoulder, the oldest view here is a lot of snack bar run Lai white. The reporter will to cry " square flavour " in small shop, the decorate in inn is pallet, it is efficient however. Allegedly nevertheless this inn is had a lot of " vermicelli made from bean starch " . Here runs Lai white only, give priority to with breakfast, but before time still has many deadbeat midday, will feed Lai pink. Price very in a popular style, 4~5 yuan a bowl.
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