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Buddhist hides " countrywoman in picture of " of tall " meadow "
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Buddhist tall " hides scientist of Germany of " countrywoman "(to consider to discover in picture of green meadow " together, buddhist is tall the picture 1887 is made " a green meadow " (the picture that there still is a countrywoman actually in Patch Of Grass) , just Buddhist uses other dye high to enclothe the picture of countrywoman later, make this ability after concealing the figure picture of edition to be in 121 years knows for common people place.

According to Taiwan " sign up for jointly " report, there is the truth of the picture to do obeisance to high-tech in Buddhist Gao Hua grant and be disentombed. German scientist has the principle of character of different X ray through different and chemical element, stimulation draws the concentrated beam of light that uses particle accelerator to go up painty atom, make its yield different X ray, next recycle is diagnosed implement take these X ray rise to be analysed further.

According to analytic result, "A green meadow " the countrywoman below does not have place escape form, the scientist saw the real features of countrywoman not only, still knowing Buddhist is tall is to use leaden dye farming " enclothe the past, the lip that knows countrywoman even, cheek goes up with gules painty picture originally.

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