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"Agrarian " give romance to propose language
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Cornfield odd group often is mixed the extraterrestrial is relevant, love of and rather than, but for romantic to natural disposition Robert Szabo, this is a perfect good idea absolutely: Perform in cornfield propose write down.

In cornfield considerably propose language:  ? marries me.

Robert Szabo and his cummer.

Robert Szabo of 27 years old is in cornfield at present group big character: Sara, marry me, next he again " trick " the cummer of a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of its green plum sits a small plane in the sky flies on cornfield. Saw this when the cummer that interacts 10 years with him one gigantic when confess of the real situation, she was astonished, touch the ground to answer: "I am willing " .

This one originality that is different from common comes from Robert Szabo to be engaged in the elder brother of agrotechnical software at him, after the cornfield that saw design of James of his elder brother pursues, he is inspired.

"I recalled this key point, told James this plan next, and his air man friend. They very approve of, subsequently James made a plan. Subsequently James made a plan..

James dogs with miniature computer and satellite finished in cornfield " agrarian word " . Morrow, robert Szabo was taking cummer to sit plane, when the love oath that sees this romance in cornfield in headroom when Sara, so excited that hot tear is filled with the socket of eye, promised to propose on the spot.

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