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Taiwan travel reminds: ?000 of the Wei Tuo that return a river yuan the beard is
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Yesterday (19 days) brigade rich is met the spot, taiwan exhibited round activity having reward to attract numerous citizen to participate in. Reporter Cai Daizheng / photograph

Yesterday (19 days) in the morning, exposition of Beijing international travel pulls open by a definite date heavy curtain, the Taiwan that gets attention fully swims make the window with this the largest exposition. Taiwan area not only the form with including a house is ablaze come on stage, and rolled out circuitry of many characteristic travel. Chief expresses related association of travel agent of China two sides, at present island of annulus of 8 days of or so Taiwan swims quote is in more 8000 yuan of above, if under the word with this too much price, the tourist needs to make an on-the-spot investigation carefully, the loss is sufferred in order to avoid in journey.

Whole Taiwan exhibits house place characteristic full-bodied, taiwan China travel agent uses beauty too photograph of area of Lu Ge scene is decorated exhibit, in Taipei sightseeing transmission bureau is exhibited around, beautiful beautiful model is revealing Taiwan marriage gauze, the staff member that wears local minority dress is recommending characteristic travel circuitry enthusiasticly. Travel agent of each Taiwan area besides roll out with annulus island sightseeing swims the circuitry that give priority to, still roll out hairdressing to swim, cate swims, honeymoon swims wait for characteristic circuitry.

On July 4, mainland dweller goes to a travel head to send a group to will set out, introduce according to Shen Guanya of director of association of travel agent of China two sides, head the journey of the member that send a group is 8 days, will visit the Taiwan city county such as Taipei, Kaohsiung, Hualien, the family that has partial member lives in Taiwan, additionally 16 pairs of new personality that just married follow a hair group to go to Taiwan to have honeymoon.

Shen Guanya expresses, the quote that at present sightseeing of island of annulus of mainland market Taiwan swims reachs 10000 yuan in 8000 yuan between, this is basic it is the price level that enters public house of 4 stars class, travel quality can get better safeguard. But if quote the word under 7000 yuan, the tourist raises vigilance with respect to need, because airline ticket, hotel recieves charge plus scene area, the travel circuitry quality under 7000 yuan very suspicion letting a person. To the problem that the tourist encounters how travel issue is solved, shen Guanya says, the tourist can receive a company to the ground, form a delegation company or complain to association of safeguard of character of Taiwan travel agent directly. (reporter Wu Ting)

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