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To African southeast Asia travel must be prevented base Kong Ken is elegant pyre
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Xinhua net Zhuhai on July 25 special telegram (reporter Chen Xiao is built) the reporter examines from Zhuhai city quarantine bureau learns, this year first half of the year, our country discovers 2 input sexual radical aperture to agree first elegant hot case of illness, examine quarantine branch took step seasonable and efficiently, in order to prevent new-style infection churchyard of large-scale input our country.

Base Kong Ken elegant heat (Chikungunya Fever) be by base Kong Ken elegant virus is caused, classics yellow-fever mosquito travels, it is the acute contagion of main feature with calorific, rash and articulatory ache, preclinical for 2 to 12 days, rate of die in one's bed is about 0. 9 % . Confirmed in Tanzania first 1952 base Kong Ken elegant thermal current goes, depart arrived 1956 virus. This ill main and popular season is summer, autumn, main popularity is mixed at Africa southeast Asia area, be in area of the indian ocean in recent years large-scale popularity.

To prevent this one infectivity disease classics Zhuhai port is passed into, when Zhuhai examines to quarantine bureau took 3 step a few days ago and remind a citizen to travel to Africa, southeast Asia, should have done defend the job.

The temperature that this bureau strengthened pair of discrepancy condition personnel in port is monitored, the job such as medical go on a tour of inspection, if discover the support of the people that catch epidemic disease catchs epidemic disease suspect, will take necessary medical step; Strengthen port midge intermediary to monitor the work, pay close attention to the change of density index closely, take effective measures in time to destroy midge; Strengthen what wait for contagion of area key crowd to coming from southeast Asia and Africa to monitor the work, had done the support of the people that catch epidemic disease to catch epidemic disease suspect hematic sample detects and the belt of midge intermediary is poisonous detect the job.

In the meantime, zhuhai examines quarantine bureau warns broad citizen, if be about to go to travel of area of Africa, southeast Asia, want to notice to prevent mosquito bite, once appear the symptom such as calorific, rash, articulatory ache, ask seasonable go to a doctor; By way of the passenger that afore-mentioned areas go back to the motherland, if appear,give out heat wait for a symptom, examine actively when enter a country to discrepancy condition please quarantine branch is declared.

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