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Canadian diplomatic mission reduces visa charge to be 860 yuan of RMBs
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Besides the tremendous change of Australian visa policy, diplomatic mission of near future Canada also reduced the visa cost of the RMB, adjust by 940 yuan of original RMBs for 860 yuan of present RMBs. Hu Wei boat introduces general manager of advisory limited company of investment of the combination in be being mixed according to Beijing, the applicant can be adopted the following two kinds of methods pay visa fee. Can use Chinese postal remit money on one hand. If choose to use postal remittance to pay application fee, apply for to must be passed mail means is handed over. The attention does not use a code when buying Chinese postal money order bill. Notable is, canadian diplomatic mission accepts the money order bill with exact amount only. This money order bill must be made clear remit " visa of Canadian diplomatic mission is in " . Besides, the applicant still must use Chinese and phoneticize to make clear line out on the money order bill your full name, your birth date day still should indicate clearly in the meantime. The proof paying fee that remittance receipt photocopy should regard you as is added within application. Another kind of method is the applicant collects fees to Canadian diplomatic mission personally manage a to pay cash.

The beard that with the RMB cash pays fee collects fees in bank of the Montreal inside Canadian diplomatic mission place pay, the applicant needs provide for oneself 0 bank note, diplomatic mission is not set search 0. This bank is located in area of Beijing rising sun east straight door Wai Street bank of the Montreal inside embassy of 19 Beijing Canada. Its business hours arrives for Zhou Yi Zhou Sizao 7: 30 to 15: 00. Every week 5 open a long time only (early 7: 30-10: 30) . According to the analysis, as a result of,this visa charge is reduced basically is of the RMB appreciate continuously.

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