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Shijiazhuang makes the same score beauty spot of hill of hill camel bridge
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Beauty spot of hill of bridge of smooth hill camel is located in Shijiazhuang city to make the same score ministry of hill county northwest, distance Shijiazhuang urban district makes an appointment with 150 kilometers, altitude of the highest peak in a mountain range 2281 meters, it is Heibei smooth hill county, mound smooth county and Shanxi 5 counties the bound peak of 3 counties, be apart from 5 counties 45 kilometers, it is the beauty spot that collect forest scene, prairie scene, lofty mountains scene is an organic whole, can offer travel for tourist, go vacationing, division take an examination ofing, recuperate, be away for the summer holidays etc muti_function service. Beauty spot of camel bridge hill by people praise for “ one hill is verdant, ” of Qi Fei of 10 thousand waterfall, its forest is enclothed rate achieve 96% , shan Zhongsheng is growing dense virgin forest, show perpendicular zonality to distributing, in altitude 2000 meters summit is magnanimous cloud top prairie, green grass is like mattress, additional, in the long gorge of camel bridge hill, hundreds dispersed greatly small chute, be like a dance of white thin silk in Yu Cuixia, somebody is word waterfall, white dragon waterfall, 3 fold …… of waterfall of waterfall of waterfall, the five fingers, exceeding lofty or great, there still is “ to will put waterfall on the ice to flush the marvelous sight of beautiful ” in June between hill, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave making a person.

The summer in beauty spot of camel bridge hill is cool and refreshing, climate is delightful, when summer is the hottest, the average air temperature below the foot of a hill just is 19 ℃ left and right sides, dense virgin forest more make here becomes “ natural oxygen ” , to long for the people that resides the urban district, it is a good place that midsummer is away for the summer holidays absolutely, can breathe fresh air already, also can admire the beautiful scenery between the mountain that likes wash painting; Already but the grand occasion that the 100 waterfall in appreciate hill fly to together, also can savour the folk-custom amorous feelings with full-bodied of primitive simplicity.

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