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Shijiazhuang Heng Shuihu is wet
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Shijiazhuang Heng Shuihu is mixed wetly avian and natural groove guard classics HeibeiProvince government approval is built formally, fill HeibeiThe province does not have the blank of wet ground and avian and natural groove guard. According to statistic, what perch in Heng Shuihu is avian white marabou of red -crowned crane, east, swan waits 150 a variety of.

From this, heibeiSaved amount of provincial and natural groove guard to achieve 11. Heng Shuihu is in HeibeiThe province is the 2nd big inland that is next to white foreign form sediment fresh water is laky. Heng Shuihu has distinctive natural landscape, biology diversity is very rich. Belong to what country and area key protect to have 60 among them a variety of.

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