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Shijiazhuang zoo
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Shijiazhuang zoo is located in HeibeiRoad of the Shanxi in visitting Shijiazhuang town 726, cover an area of a face to accumulate 35.8 hectare, among them green ground accumulates 16 hectare, surface area 6 hectare, floor area 8 hectare. Raise in all showpiece the of all kinds animal such as elephant of chimpanzee, Asia, giraffe, northeast tiger, red -crowned crane 195 kinds 1300 (first) . Year welcome a visitor 1.5 million person-time, it is HeibeiProvince area is the largest, raise the zoo with animal most sort.

This zoo only then built 1954, its predecessor is the people park that is located in downtown, change came 1983 show location, more the name is Shijiazhuang city zoological garden. It is a collect is viewed and admire, the Youle and protective wild animal, omnibus park that undertakes popular science is publicized.

Since establishing garden, should pay attention to of all kinds animal field raise, management, breed and scientific research, be introduced actively and develop person with ability of of all kinds and professional technology, groom regularly raise personnel, improve thought business quality and level of management ceaselessly, in order to increase the surviving rate of the animal and progenitive capacity. A lot of domestic and international rare animals that feed here, wait to breed in succession like lion of leopard, lynx, takin, jackal, Africa successful. Already formed the chimpanzee, jackal, leopard, jaguar, puma, red deer, monkey that eat crab among them kind group. Especially chimpanzee and jackal have higher progenitive capacity in this garden. In recent years, this garden undertakes actively cooperative breeding with brotherly zoo, each supplies what the other needs, opened the entrance door that international interacts hard, travel together with the country such as Japan, United States, Germany early or late commutative animal, outside still using an animal, exhibit close the friendship with brotherly unit. Will continue to maintain friendly intercouse with each zoo henceforth, ceaseless and contented, rich animal is phyletic.

This garden built " of " marine aquaria 1998, cover an area of a face to accumulate 4600 square metre, exhibit in all aquatic lactation kind, amphibious kind wait for marine biology more than kinds of 300 8000 more than end, offerred an understanding ocean for tourist, experience the popular science place of marine culture. The scenery inside gardenBeautiful, lake bridge alternate with, bank of weeping willow stroke, booth, corridor, cabinet, a pavilion or house on a terrace is strewn at random have send, loose Bai Cangcui, flowers and plants sets off one another, modelling of construction of Western-style, emulation type is chic. Still set inside garden take a picture, the service project such as all sorts of food, yacht, entertainment machine is in more, tourist can be in this edify sentiment, to the top of one's bent amuse oneself enjoys excellent service.
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