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Shijiazhuang Zhao city bridge
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Zhao city bridge weighs An Jiqiao again, bridge of local name big stone, be in HeibeiOn the 洨 river that the 2.5 kilometers austral Zhao county are in, be apart from Shijiazhuang urban district only 45 kilometers, it is unit of protection of countrywide key cultural relic.

Bridge of Shijiazhuang Zhao city is built at Sui Kaihuang last years of a dynasty or reign, already had the history 1400 up to now, it is generation of the Sui Dynasty crackajack craftsman Li Chun and numerous manson are built jointly, also be stone arch bridge of type of shoulder of open of the first weak opening. The bridge is full-length 64.4 meters, 9.6 meters wide, the design of shoulder of this kind of open reduces current resistance already, reduce bridge body again self-prossessed, the bridge empty spirit is beautiful, conception is clever, can weighs for all time alone pace. The column of bridge both sides board, look at column, notting have is not the high-quality goods that Sui Daidiao engraves.

Technology of be in harmony of Zhao city bridge and art at an organic whole, it may be said " 1000 people cross car horse, heaven and earth this one bridge " , draw past dynasties bookman to contend for appearance subject to chant, among them Tang Kaiyuan 13 years, of Zhang Jiazhen of a high official in ancient China of the Ministry of Works in feudal China " Shi Qiaoming foreword " it is the important history document that studies big Shi Qiao.

In October 1991, zhao city bridge is by make choice of of society of project of American timber tract milepost of civil engineering of history of the 12nd international, build have a sign.

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