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Shijiazhuang stone village
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Magical stone village is located in in the big hill of Shijiazhuang well Xing. Whole village shares stone room to abandon many 4000, flag is street more than meters 3700, pool of stone well kiln 1000 superabundant, stone an upright stone tablet many 200; Stone of stool of stone of desk of courtyard of stone of room of cabinet of stone building stone, stone, stone, stone mill is ground, everywhere of column of stone bridge stone is visible. . . . . . Make person strange.

Stone village original name " Yu Jiacun " , because stone is much,customarily calls stone the village. The villager of Yu Jiacun of according to legend is the later generations of Yu Qian of Ming Dynasty heavy official, in those days their flee from a calamity so far, multiply haunt in remote mountains, consequently ancient village Gu Jingfeng is collected as before, ming Qingjian builds in good condition nondestructive.

The nearly 300 many siheyun in the village are not had one duplicate, each have romantic charm. Have most want number representatively to be built at will opening year of stone building siheyun between tomorrow. This courtyard covers an area of two mus, building 100, boreal Gao Na is low, cent thing two courtyards. Whole floor courtyard is lofty grandiose, imposing manner is august. Allegedly, this house in bright Qing Dynasty two generation ever walked along 12 civil and military scholar, among them 7 person becomes various officer. Although each room courtyards of stone village have volume, but every family is clean and neat. Tree of establish pomegranate tree, Chinese flowering crabapple is alled over inside the courtyard, putting pediment, strange stone. There is Shi Huan, iron hoop on enclosing wall of the stone outside house, use at fasten draught animals. There is figure below eave the drainpipe of each different, strange is pipe face courtyard inside, ask host, answer: "Agelong drought, also do not have groundwater, each should receive the rain of harbour housetop. Each should receive the rain of harbour housetop..

What be worth to look additionally in the village is"Cool and refreshing cabinet " . This cabinet build Yu Mingmo all previous 9 years, below two are structure of complete stone inscription, superstratum is bricky timberwork, appearance and an embrasured watchtower over a city gate of Beijing front door are similar. Those who make person strange is below two did not lay foundation, by a megalithic base build by laying bricks or stones, every block is gotten greatly breathtaking, 10 thousand jins some hefting.

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