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Shijiazhuang decides a city tower
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  The tower that decide a city is deciding state city town today inside, original name opens smooth temple tower, only then build Yu Songzhen Zong Chengping 4 years, around is common 55 years of ability building. The tower that decide a city in all 11, tall 84. 2 meters, it is our country existent a the biggest ancient tower. Cat head is cupreous casting 6 calabash, tower is bricky structure, the construction is strict. Coping of the corridor inside the tower, from above to below is bricky carve big flower, coloured drawing or pattern to spend top of the type that reach wriggle through the earth greatly respectively. Embed on the bricky wall of corridor have tablet is engraved and celebrity problem is chanted, it is very valuable history data.
According to account, attend a meeting yuan of temple bonze to be able to go day Zhu go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, resumptive Buddhist relics child, it is the emperor call in later, fall aim builds a tower. The Song Dynasty, distant confronts each other at that time, calm city is located in forward position, martial position is very significant, song Wangchao uses enemy's situation of keep a lookout of the tower that decide a city. Accordingly, the tower that decide a city renown " enemy tower " or " makings enemy tower " . The tower that decide a city already had 900 old histories. Meantime, experienced a cataclysm more than 10 times, ever made with the big earthquake 1697 tower is damaged certainly 1679, but up to now forceful still stand erect, cloud-kissing. Regrettablly is June 1884, the northeast face of the tower from the top down collapses fall down, destroyed this one grand ancient architectural complete.

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