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Xinjiang, the first time exceeded 30 million tourist arrivals
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A few days ago, completed in Xinjiang, director of marketing, Ms. Hyde made the hotel inventory, the occupancy rate is still on the "bass bass" up "puzzled." Normally at this time, the hotel well into the off-season operating state. Hard to find a shop, a ticket is hard. The tourism year in 2010, so a lot of smart people in the industry surprised. When the tourist season, the reporter was in a travel agency, heard a domestic manager, kind "comfort" call the mainland wanted to travel wedding day guests choose another. Pool of regional party secretary of Chongqing Tourism Bureau figures provided show that, as of the end of October this year, tourist arrivals exceeded our region received 30 million visitors, has far exceeded early targets 25 million visitors throughout the year, creating a new record. A charge of regional leaders, have used "triumph" to describe this trend of tourism development in our region. This year a record number of indicators, tourism development has shown an unprecedented prosperity. Introduce an unprecedented depth of At the time of year, Xinjiang tourism is still in a recession. After a hit in 2009, after both the tourism authorities, operators, or around the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains tourist attractions, have not had too much "wishful thinking." In order to rapidly boost market confidence, spring in March, broken down into smaller groups in Xinjiang in spring tourism promotion four, led by the regional leaders, went to the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Tanggu, Bohai Rim in-depth tourism promotion, and its high standards and high , unprecedented scale. In Tianjin, Tianjin, Xinjiang Overseas International Travel Service and China ranked first tour hundred travel agencies to enter into Tianjin to send source agreement. In Henan, Henan Province, China Travel Service commitment charter flights during the 10 organizations, 10 train trips to Xinjiang tourism. Deputy General Manager of Henan Travel Dengyong Tang said that Xinjiang's charm is timeless. In Xi'an, Xinjiang cheerful song and dance, rich style, the magnificent scenery attracts a large number of pictures and tourists traveling salesman. Miramar Hotel in Urumqi are Xi'an, Beijing has started promotion activities, the hotel soon Huayun Gong Singapore organized by the Division received a total of about 1,200 guests to stay in Southeast Asia program. June, a promotional film about the image of tourism in Xinjiang, China Central Television began airing during prime time. In order to enhance the overall image of tourism in Xinjiang, display a harmonious and stable social environment, the district invested more than million of Xinjiang began to vigorously promote tourism. At the same time, the region around the increasing tourist attractions and tourism products, construction, formed a "Silk Road" based tourism product system, the development of the folk custom tour, winter snow and ice travel tourism with local characteristics such as specialty products . Inside and outside the five prestigious area of our region Kanas, Tianshan Heavenly Lake, Turpan Grape Valley, Nalati, head of convergence Urumqi Sailimu area of business development plan together, the community showed a new look. The first half of the region outside the linkage, fully warm the domestic tourist market. Yuan Jiang help quite a lot of atmosphere May last weekend in the evening, Urumqi International Bazaar came a special guest - is research in our region party secretary of the National Tourism Administration, Shao Qiwei. The crowd, several Italian tourists admiring roadside sixty-seven tourist bus tourists up and down from time to time. After the work of the forum held in central Xinjiang, China National Tourism Administration to act immediately to help build China's important tourist destination in Xinjiang. Shao Qiwei is with the subject line to Xinjiang's. National Tourism Administration has played this year, "Twelve Five", annual investment of two thousand million, and from the policy, personnel, tourists, etc. to support expansion of the tourism industry in Xinjiang function, focusing on Xinjiang success of the "second five" tourism planning, improve the tourism infrastructure of key tourist areas the construction of the Nalati, Turpan, Kashgar and other playing a national scenic areas (spots), the introduction of the Silk Road as a key tourist routes, and further improve the tourism industry system to support the development of tourism enterprises in Xinjiang Group . The industry generally believes that the work of the forum held in central Xinjiang, and a new round of Yuanjiang Taimukaiqi thick atmosphere created by stimulating the mainland to the wishes of Tourism. A lot of pent-up demand last year was subject to re-energize, to Xinjiang to become an inevitable choice for many tourists. Summer, in this remote Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture, the tip of the foot of Drum Sound, the National Tourism Bureau of the backbone of the national 40 travel agent tut sigh. Grams of state "Manas" International Cultural Tourism Festival, from 93-year-old home for the elderly to lead by Prime Fu Mama, Akqi thousands of singers singing "Manas." Scene that attracted the veterans of the Mainland travel agents, travel agents have signed with my main tourist area Yuanjiang strategic cooperation agreement. Stir tourism festival turns National Day Golden Week, the Taklimakan Desert in Xinjiang are favorable for tourists. October 1st this day, thousands of cars together in their colorful flags fluttering, warm Zijia spectacular curtain opened ring tower, its depth of experience in Xinjiang, leading fashion, feel the passion, the characteristics of taste stimuli to the participants not only impressed and allow more mainland people to try it. One visitor said that Guangdong, where some mainland cities can not see, along the poplar, "Health and the Millennium death, and death a thousand years back, down the Millennium immortal" impressive, played tough with the miracle of life. Look Populus autumn and winter snow tours. To undertake the rapid development of tourism in summer and autumn of this year's trend, the National Tourism Bureau and organized by the regional government of winter snow Tourism & Fair opened by the end of November, a comprehensive display of the winter tourism resources and products of Xinjiang's major tourist festivals. Counties around the city of the region this winter will be a series of activities, more widely will have the customs of regional characteristics, into the winter tourism products in our region to further enhance the competitiveness of winter tourism and influence. Urumqi Silk Road Festival activities include ice wind plot, Heavenly Lake Ice and Snow Festival, Hamilton Ice and Snow Festival, Fuhai winter fishing festival, Kanas Ice Festival style photography. Xinjiang International Tourism Festival, the International Festival and the Photography Festival Populus, Tacheng Heights section Shanhua, Ili Tianma International Tourism Festival, Turpan Grape Festival ... ... With more than 30 public festivals held intensive platform, is dressed usher in different places in Xinjiang's tourism tourists.