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French cate romance is magical gustatory brigade
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The reporter understood from day Yue big public house a few days ago, come since this day on March 31, hall of Western-style food of hotel knight corridor is rolled out ceremoniously " food festival of French amorous feelings " . At the appointed time, the self-help dinner of nearly 100 breed will make a client personal feel the stay away from home of romantic and magical taste.

As we have learned, it is in 3 big cate of world, french cate occupies position. The characteristic of French cate depends on using fresh seasonal material, add the distinctive recuperation of chef individual, complete unique artistic cate highest grade. French dish serves atmosphere of level have dinner to go up in alimental character, more the requirement is delicate the integral performance that turn. Eat French dish to must exquisite tableware and picturesque dish satisfy a visual sense; Tangy wine is sweet contented smell; The delicate and contented taste of the entrance; Goblet and knife and fork issue crisscross in halcyon and unruffled space, be touch and taste is highest enjoy.

Chief says related day Yue big public house, "Food festival of French amorous feelings " during, france is classical renown dish " river snail of French 焗 wine, simmer in water is fresh soup of onion of goose liver, France, Puluowangsi vegetables and water of juice of law of braise seafood, triumphant sand, Paris is cold gather up " the self-help dinner that waits for nearly 100 breed, classic dish makes a method, will let a client get from vision, taste, touch highest enjoy. If match the bishop with inviting and costly dry city brandy and pure sweet romance again right now, calculating a client is " law course " layman, what also can borrow this to taste a tunnel is Frenchy, personal the stay away from home that feels romantic and magical taste.

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