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Bowl of characteristic inn style is trendy dish
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BazBaz on the west Han day dining room

Recently, the author passes 5 Yang Xincheng temples when right new avenue, discover roadside a dining-room is very special, at first view goes up to resemble a salon, the name is very special, cry " BazBaz " (the) of the hair of hair, stem from curiosity, walk into this dining-room.

Cost uses up setbacks, saw the gentleman of Korea boss gold of this dining-room eventually, golden gentleman looks very young, below the interpreter's help, I had farther knowledge to golden gentleman. He this year ability is 29 years old, what learn in the university is sale major, after graduation, worked a few years in Korea, feel what oneself do not pursue the sort of insipid and flat life all the time however, come to China then, want to be entered here give a career one time.

In Chinese day, golden gentleman has been to many high-grade dining-room, the service that discovers a lot of places does not reach the designated position, look for a clerk to want a chopstick for instance, when the clerk takes the chopstick, not be to hand he, throw on the desk directly however, occupied perhaps there is a response again when needing a clerk, this lets him feel to did not enjoy a client's due service. He says, there is 200 thousand about in Guangzhou Korean, because of the difference of dietary culture, add on a lot of friends to mention the Korea course that does not take a tunnel, golden gentleman produced the idea that he does poineering work from this. Opened this Baz Baz with friend partnership then (of the hair of hair) Han Shixi dining-room. Like considering the Chinese " hair " this meaning head, name so " of the hair of hair " , because this ability had the Chinese inn name of BazBaz.

Dining-room gives priority to a problem with Han, day, Western-style food, mixed the characteristic of day Han Western-style food. Advocate making food is the ox gathers up, but differ with lineal Western-style food, the practice blended in the element of Han type arrange, for instance special from Korea airborne the makings of Korea tradition sauce that come over, invite large kitchen technically still to do a kitchen from Korea. To be distinguished somewhat with hall of other Western-style food, golden gentleman is special in dining-room monarch gives a small area to manage buffet, offer arrange of type of Han Shi, day, and offer bit of privilege that Western-style food entree gives buffet.

Delicate recommend

Prawn spells chicken to gather up (128 yuan)

Chicken gathers up to be baked with charcoal fire ripe, cortical anxious fragile, the flesh is qualitative delicate, the weight of prawn is sheer, incarnadine and white. Be worth what carry is the sauce that matchs, flavour is very full-bodied, some make the mouthfeel with sweet acid, and inside seem to have Chi of a few beanses. Introduce according to large kitchen, this sauce is with Korea thick broad-bean sauce is given priority to, plus other burden tailor-made and into.
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