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[Graph] the belle is offerred to look around by coop garden
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British Edinburgh zoo will roll out on August 5 novel and bizarre " the animal exhibits " : What closing in the penguin garden of this zoo is not penguin, however 5 come from England Jiannisi Kelaikesen the belle of dancing school.

According to Jiannisi Kelaikesen Kelaikesen weighs dancing school patriarch, she is after having long-term observation to all sorts of animals in captivity, just be born suddenly to create show of this one true person of artistic thought. It is reported, the name of this one exhibition is called " mankind of – of 44 crawl – " , it is Edinburgh " the brim " the one part of artistic moral integrity. In time of 10 days of exhibitions, these " belle animal " cannot undertake communication with the language, can pass dancing and movement to communicate each other only. They can wear bedgown to be in by glass dance in sealed crawl, and zoo administrator can offer mincing fruit to them when breakfast. It is reported, 5 " belle animal " should be locked up 7 hours in penguin garden at least everyday.

Kelaikesen says, one of tenets that this one art exhibits, it is to want to cause people primate is in severe danger to live below feral to world each district condition the attention of condition. British actor installs ancient Si Baerbaini to wear the uniform of zoo administrator, in extroversion of penguin garden crawl bemused tourists are undertaking explaining. He says to tourist explanation: "These dancer also are a special sort, in the absense of artistic assistance, they are disappearing gradually from the earth, they also are one of endangered species! They also are one of endangered species!!

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