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The group connects the You Xuesheng that go to the United States close area of b
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Xinhua net Beijing on July 25 special telegram (reporter Tang Shaoming) terminal of examination of frontier defence of Beijing discrepancy condition issues reminder 25 days: The student group of the travel that go to the United States wants to be connected quickly close, certificate must oneself are taken, check crossing a border can divide constituent area to undertake.

According to introducing, today Xia Fu United States swims during summer vacation of middle and primary school is worth when debutting, 18 years old of the following middle and primary school are born to be occupied about go to beautiful full fare 6 into above, become close of paragraph of period leave the country swim leading role. Because fear the first time student going abroad loses the certificate such as the passport, certificate is united by the teacher that head a group commonly custodial, this makes a lot of time were delayed when formalities of conduction edge check.

Leave the country in Beijing edge check the spot, the policeman discovers group of this kind of student has a few to nod jointly: It is total number more, normally one batch has 30 person to arrive 60 person; 2 it is the teacher that head a group less, do not exceed 4 person at most commonly; 3 it is to basically be belonged to leave the country first, to leaving the country edge check flow is familiar with not quite; The 4 passports that are students and boarding check are kept for you by the teacher. Especially the teacher governs on somebody's behalf boarding check, make deal with leave the country formalities rate is very slow, affected the route.

Policeman of Beijing edge check is this clew, because join the students of the travel that go to the United States,be to hold individual visa, need is dealt with in average fare passageway leave the country formalities, to ensure the student's passport is mixed boarding check is not lost and can cross a passageway quickly again, can divide students first go to 4 groups for 3 groups, oneself passport and hold of individual of boarding check give back, guide 15 to enter an area that await check to deal with to 20 students by a teacher leave the country formalities.

Can adopt an individual to deal with means to cross a passageway to install check alone likewise. Students can assemble near the custom after the passageway installs check, call in by the teacher that head a group again passport boarding check, can ensure fast safety is connected so closed.

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