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Of cordial nature delicate enjoy
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"French washhouse " dining-room is contracted the exterior landscape of the style

Most propbably everybody still writes down so that heat of that whole world sowed last summer " arrange rat king " (Ratatouille) , within saved dining-room of Gu Si spy that, let cate rich challenged essayist division to be opposite formerly the understanding of cooking, rangjidujiao " broken chrysalis renascence " dish " vegetable hodgepodge " (Ratatouille) , you should also won't unfamiliar, this is " French washhouse " dining-room advocate hutch Thoms Kele (Thomas Keller) classic. Should be in " French washhouse " dining-room is searched " arrange rat king " the Brad Lewis of film supervise the manufacture of of material asks Keller, if a the famousest epicure goes having a meal in his inn, how should be he done, it is later in the film, we saw Keller the answer at that time.

"French washhouse " the cereal of countryside accept handkerchief that dining-room is located in the bishop with famous California, here alone door France dish attracted many deadbeat, no matter be,be Hong Kong is having dutiful Fans, 17 pieces of only table are so full from beginning to end. If want to go " French washhouse " dining-room have dinner, ask you to be sure to shift to an earlier date 2 months are booked, even so, also do not order sometimes reach the designated position.

"French washhouse " manufacture delicately

Here, chef jumps out completely the hutch with traditional complex method art with sauce, the delicate produce that leaves a breed with the thaw like California mediterranean is material, use relatively simple cuisine, emphasize feeding the character of material and raw ingredient, with cordial nature delicate, emphasize season and place feeding capable person, show the distinctive color that is full of dish of Mediterranean gust California.

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