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The romance that comes from Italy meets unexpectedly
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The Italian dining room in Guangzhou city is not little, have cabinet and chic, have comfortable romance, have elegant freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, but inside big public house of lira of as sweet as Guangzhou case " Aifuluo " Italian restaurant look is compared, was deficient in the green scene outside glazing of a big be born. Without the depression of hall of city Chinese meal and jam, let sighing the delicate cate, life that enjoying meticulous service becomes more wonderful.

Romantic illicit close space

It is dimensional interval with red brick column, match with classic romance decorate decorate, the have dinner that brings a guest relaxed freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting is enjoyed.

"Aifuluo " hide in " sweet case lira " 2 buildings, did not have the sign of the eye. Push Na Daohou's heavy entrance door, smell a silk is sweet.

Compare with look of other Italy restaurant, the building ground here is particularly high, show bring about the desired sensation to send nobility, and preserved the tradition with too won't large area of most Italy dining-room, so that give a guest more meticulous and considerate service.

Dining-room with standing tall and upright among them red brick column serves as interval. It is reported, in small town of Italy, very much private wine cellar uses these red brick build by laying bricks or stones to become namely, have the lasting appeal of elegance of of primitive simplicity quite. In corridor, inn-keeper is special still surround went up nearly 1 meter high black iron hurdle, build the space with opposite close illicit for the guest. What seldom see in hotel of other star class is the carpet of red rose design, chic Europe droplight, one-time the crystal red goblet that blows... the flavor that gives romance fully everywhere.

Of dining-room outside the wall is acted the role of with considerably be born glazing, the green outside carefree world a bit not be born reflects the key point in the guest in, in the heart disturbing gradually disappear, want to come with nature only close visual communication.

Open type kitchen partly

"Aifuluo " another special place, be move the kitchen to – of dining-room – – the right that entering a doorway, have a kitchen that opens type partly, lying between glazing, can see chef is operated adroitly, see that oven strings together a string stranger of flesh of meat or fish, one stranger to wrap around Sa is roast and successful, the chopping block that sees those a few different color is developing blue of – of function – – with will cut seafood, of white with will cut cooked food, use gulesly cut red meat, of green with will cut vegetable... the rigorous way that each detail is showing public house of 5 stars class.
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