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The first has the person of crab
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The crab of in relief settleclear lake of city of hill of Jiangsu province elder brother is famed the world, delicacy builds 100 smell. Somebody asks: It is who is having this bright head the earliest, make the world the first person that eat crab?

According to legend thousands of years ago, human ancestor has settled on the land of Changjiang Delta habitat, be engaged in catching aquatic product and farming cultivate cultivation, ground of another acting endure all kinds of hardships founds generation give an a land of plenty. Because Changjiang Delta relief is low-lying, rainfall is abundant, often be troubled by flood easily. Sometimes although bumper harvest in sight, but, a lot of crawl appeared however in berth of river of all corners of the country " beetle " , double chela 8 sufficient, appearance is atrocious, can rush into a rice field to eat corn stealthily, still injure a person with biting chela. Jing Man first civilian frighten so that Wei is like tiger wolf, call this kind of bug " the bug that place a person " .

Later, big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty arrives prevent floods by water control of Changjiang Delta construct a canal, group heroic man cling to solve superintend and director of district of lake of terraqueous stagger Yang Cheng to be versed in, guide wadi of laborer excavate big talk. At nightfall, work shed mouth just ordered on fire lot, a big of a dense mass of " the bug that place a person " , a foam at the mouth is as billowy as lake water and come. Everybody comes out to keep out rapidly, big fight of bug of a person was aroused on building site. Both sides arrives to become white eastward in the battle royal in darkness, "The bug that place a person " in just removing water in succession. But a lot of laborer is placed by what clip hurts, the clip that places dead is dead, dripping wet of flesh and blood, horrible.

Cling to solution thinks over a long time, recalled a way, call a laborer to build an earthy wall, dig in city edge very deep surround channel, wait for caboodle of at dark ascendant on fire, surround the boiled water with the boiling rinse in channel. "The bug that place a person " banquet lick comes, drop into boiling water in succession at this point iron dead in channel.

Iron dead " the bug that place a person " all over aglow, accumulation is like hill, give out a fetching and appetizing delicious fragrance. Cling to after Jie Wen is worn, had taken a scrutiny curiously, break carapace come, one Wen Xiang flavour is thicker. He thinks: Flavour delicious is tangy, doesn't the flesh know to you can eat? Wear greatly courage bites. Who knows a tooth to be chewed gently move, become aware flavour delicacy is appeared in the mouth, than what thing delicious. Everybody sees he eats with pleasure, the laborer with great courage also tastes accordingly, great rejoicing of all without exception says: "Everybody will eat " the bug that place a person " , smell is extremely sweet! " .
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