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Field and expeditionary medical treatment brings all-knowing knowledge (1)
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The mankind is accumulating the experience of conquer nature in classics bilk bilk, be in every corner of the earth almost can base oneself upon. Living is the art that maintains life. In the nature with fill the individual park with puny force risky, if do not master a few live competence, how to keep out sudden disaster?

In July 2002, student of 7 universities organization undertakes field lives training, it is the exploration with very significant difficulty of training volition, conquer and attempt.

One, common common sense

Among them, mental element is the key that walks out of hopeless situation. Modern proves huge action of spirit with scientific method already, its meaning not character is axiomatic.

1. does not want incur wild animal

For example, be in park of state of Botswana tall shellfish, have a lot of animals that put in a suitable place to breed freely. A day, the assistant that has a vet and him is by motorcycle between public park alley angle young elephant, the mother elephant that pays close attention to a got-up affair by all the time fears young elephant can meet with accident, run quickly to carry vet dead, its assistant runs desperately, just flee for his life by good luck. Be like again, when an artisan that sew the garment is making the clothing, an elephant is transient here, extend nose into the window that open wide, conveniently of the artisan that sew the garment uses the nose that pinprick resembles. After a few months, this elephant comes to this street again, it is sucked in fountain edge full one nose water, irrigated the person of animal of this love embarrass to the front of window of the artisan that sew the garment all over drenched.

We also cannot wait for wolf, tiger, leopard, lion young cub holds beast of prey in the arms come back amuse oneself or feed, because smell of beast of prey is breathtaking, meeting abide flavour and come, undertake retaliation.

2. Master live competence

For example, during World War II, the plane that British woman Zhu Liya takes is in crash of forest of North Africa tropics, zhu Liya escape by the skin of one's teeth, at that time she and nature make a stand against, a few month hind are rescued. Her experience is serious choice food; The bivouac outside abstaining hammock to be in; Make road sign ceaselessly, determine ongoing direction, or go along brook direct current; Save live cinders kept for starting a new fire, with will boil feed, warm oneself, animal of illume, drive.

Be like again, in July 1994, li enlighten inferior in arctic barely escape one's life. Her experience is to use map, compass and landform to determine ongoing direction; food equal apportionment, cannot dispose of; When field is expeditionary, should take lifesaving case (the size of cigarette case of hard iron skin that resembles holding 20 cigarette) .

3. do not neglectful
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