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How does field seek direction and way
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Walk in Shan Ye when us, when wanting to reach destination, normally the simplest right way exists, when also having inner ear at the same time can the method of safe escape exists.

Accordingly, we must find out these safety as soon as possible convenient way just is the best thing to do.

Wanting education to seek the means of right way is to rely on experience nothing more than. If be in,more obvious hill way walks. Can abide is worn apparent footmark or guide and reach destination. But, once groovy like this kind method is enveloped by smoother, or arrived night, get lost easily. At that time, the skill finding a way that develops with experience place can be sent on use.

The skill that seeks normal distance must be passed at ordinary times field activity goes accumulating. For example: Consult at any time with respect to nurturance at ordinary times the habit of map and compass, at the same time the landform all round actively observation and the plant beside come judicious position. Use explore azimuth by the environment

If you are alone in the forest, there is a map on the hand, forgot to take compass however, can somebody see trend?

Teacher of elementary school times has taught the Dong Shengxi of the sun falling common sense namely, from the position of the sun, can know way roughly. Dan Retai this world is obscured by cloud cluster or rain when, how should be judged?

If the road was confused in the cloudy day, the growth that can rely on the moss on tree or stone condition will learn azimuth. In the Northern Hemisphere with tree character, the leaf grows flourish one party is southern namely. If incision is arboreous, a annual ring range is wider wet long move is a of moss northward namely.

The sun

The sun is eastwardly piece, the west falls, this is the basiccest differentiate directional method, club of usable still wood is measured into shadow law, when sun enough becomes a movie, a straight rod stands on flat () of 1 meter of above, a stone is put in the top of club shadow (or make other sign) , the shadow of club can move as the shift of the sun. 30 -- after 60 minutes, put another stone in the shadow top of club again. It is next between two stone equalize linear, the intermediate equalize in this line to it perpendicular those who intersect is linear. Next left foot walks on dot of the first mark, right leg walks on dot of the 2nd mark. The front of the person that stand at this moment is namely northward, the reverse side is southern, the right hand is Oriental, left hand is west.

Use constellation

It is a target with Polaris normally in the Northern Hemisphere. Night uses Polaris to identify directional key depends on be in sea of vast heavenly body, find Polaris well and truly. The method that knows Polaris has a lot of planting, here introduction is simple and a effective kind:

The Plough that seeks bail record above all (A) , the interval of two stars that go up with bail handle is lengthened fivefold, can go up point-blank here find Polaris (D) . General particularly the star on handle of these two compose is appellation point heavenly body. When if look,be less than the Plough, the constellation after the celestial being that seeks opposite way (B) , the constellation after celestial being is formed by 5 stars, they look like the appearance of English abecedarian M or W tendency one party. The picture of a star from inside the constellation after celestial being is linear, be in go to the same space place of Polaris to be able to find Polaris with the Plough almost. The direction that Polaris is in is northward.
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