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Jinan 10 gale flavour is fastfood
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Jinan place gust is fastfood, make careful, gust each different, hold concurrently at the same time accept each nation fastfood characteristic, variety is rich, the develop a school of one's own on altar is fed in gust.

Current, what can eat in Jinan is fastfood have: Edible vegetable oil dish filar cake, oil comes back, 5 benevolence bag, glutinous millet cut element of dumpling of fill of cake, eight treasures meal, five sweet foam, jellied bean curd, pork, assorted bag of bag, 3 bright fried dumpling, decoct, wonton, boiled dumpling, steamed dumpings, chow mien, Lanzhou plays a side. Additional, still have climate and other natural phenomena of a season fastfood, if Yuanxiao is in the festival of lanterns (annual in January) around appears on the market, the zhongzi is in dragon boat festival around can eat.

   Edible vegetable oil dish filar cake

Edible vegetable oil dish filar cake cries " edible vegetable oil " , it is relative to lard character, come with peanut oil of decoct bake in a pan.

"Dish silk " the modelling characteristic that just is this cake. It is food of a kind of when rise with developing on the foundation of make noodles by drawing out the dough by hand fine face. When making, reach face pull out extremely fine, the fine silk that be like silver, amount to more than 1000, again form of Pan Chengyuan cake, the half decoct in putting oil half bake in a pan makes become ripe. Next, mention among pull cake medicinal powder, medicinal powder in v/arc sale at reduced prices, sa Shangqing red silk, white sugar is become namely. Dish the Jiao Li outside filar cake is tender, gold-rimmed and even, smell is sweet tastily, it is the beautiful on banquet tastes mug-up.

Characteristic: Outside Jiao Li is gold-rimmed and tender, even, smell is sweet tastily.

   Oil comes back

Oil comes back for Jinan tradition careful gust name eats. Because of helix of its be similar in shape, exterior embellish shows golden scene, friend name oil comes back. Its are cortical crisp, inside flesh is tender, green is sweet appear bazoo. Allegedly the oil of Jinan comes back is to be more than 100 years ago, by churchyard of neat river county Xu 3 brother are transmitted from Nanjing. To get used to the taste of Jinan person, they improved burden, taste turns into the salty fragrance that northerner happy event feeds, get client reception quite, the business is very thriving, person " Home Xu oil comes back " . A lot of cafeteria are wide later to be modelled on, become Jinan gust fastfood.

Characteristic: Colour and lustre is golden, outside crisp inside tender, the layer is much more inattentive, green oily fragrance is thick, deserve to feed flavour with wonton much better.

   Fried dumpling

The stuffing that fried dumpling is bake in a pan of a kind of decoct kind snack, the choiceness that make, flavour is elegant, it is with pork stuffing more often taste, match according to season with different fresh vegetable. Stuffing face half and half is commonly when the bag is made, submit lunar bud form. Fried dumpling underside shows deep yellow, crisp, face skin soft pliable but strong, stuffing flavour sweet beauty.
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