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Flavour Yunnan goes south fan of the breast that place sand
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Yunnan has stud stock to breed food calls breast fan, it is one kind carries convenient solid milk. It is raw material with bright milk, boil adds what edible acid makes to become stiff state, booth becomes chip, make after air grow 25 centimeters, 12 centimeters wide inclined long sector of the left and right sides, yellow fraction of exterior colour and lustre, fat profit is slender. Respecting flavour, breed with our southern ox piece about the same, just added a few minutes of crisp.

Lacteal fan is the special local product of Yunnan, can arrive only in Guangzhou in Yunnan food shop search. The practice of lacteal fan is diversiform, and what I taste in the Milky way Yunnan feeds government office savor is the clip that simple blast comes out powdered milk fan, 26 yuan 10, make me impressive. It is a lacteal fan bate, brew stuffing of sweetened bean taste next, coil lacteal fan again, in putting oily bowl small fry and into. Breed at this moment the grandma of fan is sweet particularly full-bodied, add the sweet taste of sweetened bean taste, be full of a kind of special sweet crisp smell.

The nutrient terribly of lacteal fan is rich, it contains a variety of material such as the protein that human body place needs, amino acid, still have harmonic gas blood, calm the nerves raise the function such as filling empty of heart, be good at stomach, it is to enhance a constitution, the beautiful of health of stimulative human body is tasted. Of course, do not be fond of cheese olfactory person, not special perhaps go trying.

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