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Shijiazhuang Xi Baipo area of memorial hall scene
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Came on May 26, 1948 on March 23, 1949, here is the Communist Party of China Central Committee and seat of headquarters of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Zhou En will ever said: "Xi Baipo is Chairman Mao the Party Central Committee enter north the command post of smooth, the last country that liberates complete China, conduct 3 big campaign here, 7 when open a party 2 in plenary meeting here " , these enough explain Xi Baipo is liberated in China history the significant position that go up, namely " new China goes from here " .

Shijiazhuang Xi Baipo is formerly too the village of a hill below mountain of bank of Heibei of a small bay in a river of travel Shandong the foot of mountain, Hu, Bai Po, in May 1948, comrade Mao Zedong leads the Party Central Committee to come to here, from now on, this hill village writtens guarantee with Chinese revolution the reason that left to indissoluble, after liberating, regard the last country of the Chinese Communist as the Xi Baipo of command post, bear removed its new history mission -- patriotism education, present Xi Baipo is the country that collect revolution relics and natural scene are one place scenic spot beauty spot, main landscape has the reservoir austral relics of memorial hall of Xi Baipo revolution, Central Committee of Communist Party of China, hillock (Bai Po lake) , lapidarian garden.

Memorial hall of Xi Baipo revolution depends on hill and build, cent issues the siheyun of type of two a flight of stairs to go up, there is corridor to surround all around, there are 12 exhibition halls inside the house, it is order office respectively, walk into Xi Baipo exhibition hall, abolish this exhibition hall that exhibition hall of exhibition hall of fight of Chaji of exhibition hall of feudal land tenure, directive advance, big decisive battle, arms civilian is a victory, 7 2 medium plenary meeting exhibition hall, prepare to construct new China, the Tibet of memorial hall is tasted amount to more than 2000, cultural relic of revolution of 3 class above more than 140; Relics of Central Committee of Communist Party of China shares the more than 10 office such as headquarters of former residence, the site of an association, liberation army; The reservoir austral hillock is later a reservoir of build, peremptory now the big lake with a pretty scenery before becoming Xi Baipo relics, people call his " Bai Po lake " ; The assemble in lapidarian garden the epigraph that national leader, society tells the everybody such as a personage, veteran army, calligraphy, meaning of extremely rich education.

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