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Shijiazhuang adjoin Lu Si
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Be located in HeibeiVisit Shijiazhuang town on the west village of the Beijing on outskirt, it is a when Chinese buddhism faces aid an administrative unit in Xizang old temple, famed with storing elegant archaic mural. According to history record, this temple is built at the Christian era between the Tangchao Tian Baonian of 8 centuries, after this ever was repaired again for many times. Put Shi Jia hall only now (before hall) with adjoin cottage hall (hind hall) . Before hall namely Shi Jia hall, the range is wide 3, enter deep 2, tile of little style cloth hangs the summit, there is a canopy before. Shi Jia of model of the front inside the hall sits picture one honour, 4 walls paint has mural in all 83 square metre. Content is the Buddhist story that China changes and civilian fairy tale. Hind hall namely adjoin cottage hall, also be this temple advocate hall, build in tall on the 1 platform of rice, bizygomatic breadth 3, enter deep 2, around has hold mansion in the arms, plane is shown crisscross. Two end have hall backbone bibcock phoenix coils the Chi kiss of end. Upturned eaves is far-reaching, tile carries grading on the head, the exterior is consequently free from worry, form make special, common calls 5 flowers anise hall. Of the consecrate on Buddha stage is Buddhist in the center of adjoin cottage hall this honour advocate block of Buddha adjoin cottage that (Indian language, meaning for bright illuminate all things) , this temple calls friend adjoin cottage temple.

The existent mural inside the hall, for the Christian era end of 14 epoch epoch bright first vestigial. Hall memory has heavy colour mural 130 square metre, among them the mural of 4 walls is most wonderful. Divide a platoon up and down, draw has fine of land of heaven, Tartarean, world, arhat, Bodhisattva, town god, official loyal to his sovereign to will wait Confucianism, commentate, path 3 teach all sorts of God the person in all 500 many, they are divided into 120 many groups to close, every well-known name a list of names posted up is inscribed by the group, formed 3 teach confluent mural artistic characteristic. Boreal wall is 2.8 meters tall, 3.95 meters wide, mural content is given priority to with Buddhist subject matter, the picture has show ireful body 10 big emperor of bright Wang Ji commentate, the Taoism such as 4 days of big 8 ministry, king, The Jade Emperor mixes dragon of Buddhist day, day commentate instruct a character 120 much bodies. Thing two walls all 2.8 meters tall, 7.6 meters wide, mural is given priority to with Taoism content, mural paint has antarctic east immortal great emperor, help Sang Dadi, black extremely big emperor, ground up to hide mother of king Bodhisattva, devil to wait in all 130 much bodies; Mural has arctic on the west violet small great emperor, gigantic abundant is taken wait for the numerous, Chong Ning such as god of dragon of numerous, 5 lakes to protect Guo Zhenjun to wait, in all 140 much bodies. Nabi Gao Kuan and thing wall are identical, mural face with be being given priority to after the flesh, side picture brings the martyr of road king Bodhisattva, official loyal to his sovereign that abandons drive for the country east, 9 shed four of city of well of a hunderd schools, street to wait, in all 80 much bodies, on the west side picture like that the intense of Fu of numerous, past Gu Xian such as land of ghost king, town god female, hind Gong Ren of the wife of a prince, in all 60 much bodies. Although these pictures belong to religious subject matter, but the antependium that passes through religion, still can see the sign of real life. Some pictures still represented working people's form directly.
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